Hasbro Announces Two New X-Men #275 3-Pack Marvel Legends Sets

When it comes to anniversaries, Hasbro's Marvel Legends team really knows how to shine. This year marked the anniversary of some pretty icon superheroes like The Amazing Spider-Man and Hasbro delivered. We got a spectacular variety of figure features, TV appearances, comic book mini-series, and some sensations comic book arrivals. The 60th Anniversary of Spider-Man is coming to an end, but 2023 marks the 60th Anniversary of the X-Men! This is some exciting stuff and the Marvel Legends team is unleashing some pretty iconic mutants for the event. We have already seen a massive assortment of Marvel Legends Retro figures, and it looks like even more Uncanny adventures are on the way. 

Capturing the iconic cover of Marvel Comics X-Men #275, the X-Men suiting up in their iconic yellow and blue suits. We have already seen the first of these designs arrive with the card-backed Wolverine. It looks like more of the team has arrived, as Hasbro has teased not one, but two special 3-Pack Marvel Legends sets. That is right; the team can be united once again with some iconic mutants making a return. The first set consists of Gambit, Banchee, and Psylocke, and the second is Storm, Forge, and Jubilee. Each featured that slick X-Suit design, and each featured that comic book photo real head sculpt, and specific accessories. Not much is known about what else is included, but pre-orders are set to arrive tomorrow, so stay tuned for more info as it arrives. 

"Some uncanny additions to your Marvel Legends collection! Seen today on the Marvel Legends Fanstream, peep the newest Marvel Legends Series X-Men 3-packs, inspired by their character appearances in Uncanny X-Men #275! Pre-order each 3-pack on December 8th, beginning at 1:00 PM ET on Hasbro Pulse! Each 3-pack sold separately."

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