Hasbro Reveals New Transformers War for Cybertron Kingdom Figure

Hasbro has revealed three new Transformers figures are on the way of their next wave of War for Cybertron Kingdom figures. These Autobots will consist of Deluxe Autobot Slammer, Deluxe Autobot Pipes, and Voyager Autobot Blaster and Eject. Each bot is loaded with detail, and which packaging is not shown, I can imagine that we will see their greener 2022 design. Pre-orders for Slammer, Pipes, Blaster and Eject are not known just yet, but they will be available through here when offered. Not much is shown for these figures besides art and two glass but so far Blaster and Eject are my favorite of these three. Blasters boom boom is popping with color, and the translucent Eject is a nice touch and will make a deadly duo for any Decepticon.

Slammer and Pipes are another great set of Transformers figures that will make a nice new addition to any War for Cybertron Kingdom collection. These bots have a simple yet elegant design that will make them worthy opponents for any Decepticon. It looks like Hasbro is setting up some big things for Transformers fans in 2022 will the launch of Transformers: Legacy line. War for Cybertron Kingdom collectors will not want to miss out on any of these figures, and while pre-orders are not up other Autobots and Decepticons can be found here. Stay tuned with Hasbro Pulse social media for more updates on when these bots and more are finally up for preorder.

"It may not be Transformers Tuesday, so we're making it Transformers Thursday! Just announced! Check out the last three reveals for War For Cybertron Kingdom – Deluxe Autobot Slammer, Deluxe Autobot Pipes, and Voyager Autobot Blaster and Eject! All coming soon, so stay tuned and keep your eyes up on Hasbro Pulse!"

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