Hasbro Reveals Star Wars: Battlefront II Umbra Operative ARC Trooper

This week's Star Wars Bring Home the Bounty has revealed a new Star Wars: The Black Series Gaming Greats figure is on the way. We return back to Star Wars: Battlefront II with the debut of one of the sons used in the game with the Umbra Operative ARC Trooper. It was pretty late in the game for Battlefront II to finally add some The Clone Wars content, but the new co-op system really changed the game. One of the biggest updates was skin customization for Clone Troopers with a massive assortment of Battalions, Legions, Special Ops, and more designs. One of which was the Umbra Operatives which were variants of the Advanced Recon Commando. These skins were some of the coolest in the game, especially the Umbra design featuring a black and yellow deco.

"Star Wars Battlefront II's fan favorite ARC Trooper comes to the 6-inch Star Wars: The Black Series and 3.75-inch Star Wars: The Vintage Collection, along with Vintage Collection variations Umbra Operative and Lambent Seeker. Pre-order available soon."

Hasbro captures this deadly ARC Trooper with their newest GameStop Exclusive Star Wars: The Black Series Gaming Greats line. The Battlefront II ARC Trooper is loaded with detail and a nice paint scheme that will really make him stand out in any army. He will come with two side pistols with the ARC Trooper sculpts and added characteristics. This might be just a simple repaint, but this skin is fantastic and will be a real hit with many Star Wars fans out there. The Star Wars Battlefront II Umbra Operative ARC Trooper will be priced at $26.99, and pre-orders are set to go live tomorrow at 1 PM EST here. Collectors will also be able to secure one in-store, either tomorrow or Thursday. May the Force Be with You.

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