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New Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Gaming Greats Announced
Two video games are getting new figures starting with Lando Calrissian from Star Wars: Battlefront II Lando is featuring his tropical outfit, also seen in Solo, and the figure is loaded with detail and an incredible sculpt The card back features unique artwork showing this version of Lando in action and is a Lando I[...]
Hasbro Reveals Star Wars TVC Umbra Operative ARC Trooper EE Exclusive
These ones come to us from the hit video game Star Wars: Battlefront II with some new Gaming Greats ARC Trooper figures, including the badass Umbra Operative design The Infiltrator Reinforcement Trooper is here with this unique black and yellow deco that features weapons and a removable helmet Featuring an incredible card backed artwork design,[...]
Star Wars Battlefront II Lambert Seeker ARC Trooper Debuts from Hasbro
Coming out of their The Vintage Collection line, a new ARC Trooper from Star Wars: Battlefront II has arrived with the debut of the Lambert Seeker This Infiltrator Reinforcement Trooper is ready to take on the Separatist Army like never before in 3.75" format This figure will be a general release and will feature an[...]
Hasbro Reveals Star Wars: Battlefront II Umbra Operative ARC Trooper
We return back to Star Wars: Battlefront II with the debut of one of the sons used in the game with the Umbra Operative ARC Trooper It was pretty late in the game for Battlefront II to finally add some The Clone Wars content, but the new co-op system really changed the game One of[...]
Star Wars Battlefront II Jet Trooper Blast His Way In from Hasbro
More Star Wars Gaming Greats figures are on the way as Hasbro reveals their newest figure from the world of Battlefront II The battle comes alive as the Jet Trooper is blasting his way into your Clone Trooper ranks with high attention to detail and some fun accessories the Battlefront II Jet Trooper features an[...]
Funko Debuts New Star Wars Pops With The Bad Batch and Gaming
This wave will consist of three games with Battlefront II, Jedi: Fallen Order, and Republic Commando Battlefront II fans are in for a real treat with this wave as Iden Versio makes her Funko Pop debut that will also have a Pop Chase Variant! Boss, the Republic Commando, is also deploying in and will have[...]
Star Wars Imperial Rocket Trooper Get Exclusive Black Series Figure
This time we get a new trooper from the hit video game Star Wars: Battlefront II with the debut of the Imperial Rocket Trooper This solider comes straight from the video game with a high about of detail and the perfect set of accessories to take down any Rebel scum The Rocket Trooper will come[...]
GameStop Getting Exclusive Star Wars: The Black Series Figures
Coming out first is from Star Wars Battlefront II with the Heavy Battle Droid This brown and black colored battle droid comes with his heavy machine gun and ready to take on the Republic It's interesting to see this character become a figure and it should please Star Wars Battlefront II fans[...]
Star Wars Battlefront II: Battle of Geonosis Official Trailer
In a post on EA's Star Wars: Battlefront II blog, DICE looked back at how the game has changed over the course of 2018 before confirming their plans for the upcoming year Throughout 2019, Battlefront II players can look forward to the introduction of Count Dooku, Anakin Skywalker, and even more clone troopers. For the year in review[...]
Battlefront II young han solo
DICE and EA have revealed that Star Wars Battlefront II's year two content will bring us all things Han Solo starting with a new playable character Yes, you will be able to play as young Han Solo. We're also getting a Kessel map, a return of the Extraction game mode, Lando's Millenium Falcon, and some new[...]
Season of Solo Coming to Battlefront II
Electronic Arts has announced a new season's worth of Han Solo content for their hit Star Wars game Battlefront II is coming. The Season of Solo is set to launch on May 16th with a return to Jabba's Palace available in Blast, Hero Showdown, or Heroes vs Villains mode Apparently there will also be additional yet-to-be-revealed super top[...]