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Darth Vader Gets Jumbo Kenner Concept Figure From Gentle Giant
is back as they announce a brand new Jumbo Kenner Star Wars figure for their collection This is not the first time we have seen Jumbo Kenner figures, but this is the first time we are receiving retro concept art, Darth Vader That is right, the legacy of the Ralph McQuarrie designs live on, and[...]
The Prisoner Is Finally Getting A Toy Line, Kickstarter Launching Soon
This is the first officially licensed toy line in the property's history, and it seems only fitting that they will come in the 3.75-inch vintage style of figure, complete with awesome vintage Kenner-style cardbacks Launching soon, this campaign will feature multiple tiers and figures for the fans to get their hands on, including two packs[...]
Real Ghostbusters Kenner Classic Ecto-1 Reissue Heading To Walmarts
Ghostbusters fans will be filing into Walmarts again this summer, as another wave of Real Ghostbusters Kenner Classics will come to the retail juggernaut Two new ghosts will be available as Bug-Eye, and Fearsome Flush make their return to pegs If that wasn't enough, Hasbro will also re-release the Ecto-1 that we all had and[...]
Star Wars Kenner Pins From Numskull Brings Back Nostalgia
This is because they are bringing back iconic 1970s and 80s Star Wars Kenner figures in gorgeous pin form These pins were announced back in January, with 49 sets of pins coming giving Star Wars fans 98 pins! Numskull was kind enough to send us over some of their sets, and their pins are incredible[...]
Star Wars Kenner Figures Return as Collectible Pins From Numskull
The new collection is taking fans back to the 70s and 80s as the classic designs from the original Kenner Star Wars figure return Fans will be able to collect 98 pins in total, with 49 sets being released by Numskull that will feature 2 pins per pack Each pin brings back the original Kenner[...]
Hasbro Unveils Walmart Exclusive Star Wars Vintage Collection
Hasbro is continuing their quest to give fans the original 96 Kenner figures in the Vintage Collection format During today's Hasbro Pulse live stream event, Hasbro unveiled three new figures that are on the way This set of figures is from Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi as we return to the Forest Moon[...]
Batman Carmine Infantino Tiy Package Art On Auction Over AT Heritage
On auction over at Heritage Auctions right now is a piece of artwork from the iconic artist from the Kenner toys packaging for the animated series line in 1993 This stuff just does not hit the market that often, so for it to be sitting at only $300 with two days left in the bidding[...]
Star Wars Fav Han Solo Kenner 47 Back On Auction At Comic Connect
Star Wars Kenner figures will forever be collectible and near and dear to collector's hearts They may not have been the first action figures, but they are some of the best When Empire Strikes Back came out, one of the most talked-about figures and looks was the new look for Han Solo Arguably more iconic[...]
Prototype Boba Fett Jumbo Kenner Holiday Release From Gentle Giant
Boba Fett is back, not only in The Mandalorian but in jumbo Kenner form Fans are getting a blast from the past with this Jumbo Kenner Boba Fett Prototype Color figure that is limited to just 500 pieces The 12-inch tall figure is based on the original Star Wars Kenner action figure designs and uses[...]
Retro The Mandalorian Figures Unveiled by Hasbro for Mando Monday
Today starts off the official first day of the reveals and one of the biggest ones is Hasbro has unveiled new Star Wars Retro Collection figures from The Mandalorian! There are 7 figures in total that will be getting that classic Kenner Star Wars look that older fans fell in love with Each will feature[...]
Kenner Star Wars Obi-Wan 12 Back C Card Figure At Heritage Actions
A personal favorite from the original Kenner Star Wars line, the Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi figure perfectly sums up what the little toy company from Cincinnati was trying to accomplish when they released those first 12 figures back in 1978 That 12 figure roll call is now the most legendary in all of toy history: Luke,[...]
Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect - The Legendary Unreleased Ultimasaurus
In 1998, Kenner decided to force the idea of a new animated series out of the remnants of The Lost World: Jurassic Park This series never got picked up, but it did come out with a couple of products before being canceled We have already covered the badass card backed figures here, the bigger dinosaurs like[...]
Jurassic Park Chaos Effect: Omega T-Rex and Big Box Dinos
However, this only started the amazing mythos of the world of dinosaurs and in 1998 Kenner tried to build their own They created the amazing toy line called Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect which had an end goal of a possible animated TV series The story of this Kenner toy line was scientists have gone mad[...]
Toy Takeover: Jurassic Park Chaos Effect by Kenner
However, this only started the amazing mythos of this dinosaur world and in 1998 Kenner marketed off it They created the amazing toy line known as the Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect which had an end goal of a possible TV series This show was never made and the toy line was cut short but the[...]
Aliens Expanded Universe Returns with Ultimate Alien Rhino from NECA
However, we were introduced to the quite unique and iconic Aliens Kenner figures Some of these included a vast variety of animal Alien hybrids NECA lets us relive those iconic figures with new modernized styles First up we will be getting the Ultimate Rhino Alien Figure This figure comes in at 10 inches it is[...]