Aliens Expanded Universe Returns with Ultimate Alien Rhino from NECA

"Aliens" Expanded Universe Returns With Ultimate Alien Rhino From NECA

Aliens is another classic science fiction film that has greatly impacted pop culture. The first two really captivated audiences, and well, the third one didn't really sit well with a lot of fans. However, we were introduced to the quite unique and iconic Aliens Kenner figures. Some of these included a vast variety of animal […]

Super7 Alien Collage

Super7's New ReAction Alfred Hitchcock and Bronze Alien Up For Order

Super7 has two new products up for order right now, both variants of figures already released. First, a bloody version of their ReAction figure of director Alfred Hitchcock. Like all ReAction figures, he has five points of articulation and comes on a vintage style cardback. The other variant available is a bronze edition of their […]

Aliens Series 13 Collage

NECA Reveals Packaged Shots For Series 13 Aliens Figures

Series 13 in NECA's Aliens line is hitting stores in the first couple months of 2019 here, and they have revealed the final packaged shots of the three figures. Space Marine Apone makes his debut with tons of articulation, grenades, a rifle, and mechanical right arm. Two Xenomorphs are in this wave, with the Scorpion […]

Star Wars Vintage Collection Wave 19 Figures Up For Order Now

Star Wars collectors have a new wave of Vintage Collection figures to drool over. The new wave up for preorder now will include four figures: a Scarif Stormtrooper, Leia in her Boushh disguise, Klaatu the skiff guard, and the long-requested return of Yak Face. These of course are in the 3.75 inch scale and are […]

DST Real Ghostbusters Figures 1

Let's Take a Look at the Real Ghostbusters Figures From Diamond Select Toys

Diamond Select Toys have been releasing Ghostbusters figures for awhile now, from both of the original films from the 80's. They are some of the best and most-loved figures the company has ever put on the pegs. However, there is one set of figures form the franchise that fans have been waiting for, and that […]

Gentle Giant Jumbo Kenner Bespin Leia 6

Bespin Leia Jumbo Kenner Figure Up For Order Now From Gentle Giant

Star Wars collectors love the Kenner Jumbo Figure line from Gentle Giant, and the latest figure is now up for preorder. Leia in her Bespin Gown is the spitting image of her 3 3/4 inch self, standing at 12 inches tall, the figure comes with her faithfully recreated gown and blaster. The clamshell case is […]

Star Wars Black Series Gamorrean Guard 6

Let's Take a Look at the Star Wars Black Series Gamorrean Guard

Star Wars Black Series collectors will want to check their local Target shelves. That way they can get their hands on one of the finest figures released in the line since its inception. The Gamorrean Guard is a criminally underproduced character for such a unique design. Every time they release another version of the fearsome […]

Star Wars Walmart Ottoman 1

Star Wars Vintage Collectors Will Love This Ottoman From Walmart

Star Wars collectors lend me your ears! Especially for you vintage collectors like myself. Walmart has a newly licensed foldable fabric ottoman adorned with vintage Kenner action figures. Retailing for $19.99 it is available in stores and online. Get organized and make cleaning up fun with Lucas Films Star Wars. This 15" folding storage ottoman […]

toys that made us

Netflix Series "The Toys That Made Us" Is Pretty Freaking Great

Every so often, Netflix strikes gold with one of their docuseries, and The Toys That Made Us is one of them. Even if you know the history behind each of the first four episodes subject matter, chances are you haven't seen it presented quite like this before. Check out the official trailer from earlier this month: […]

Stranger Things Funko Figures 18

Stranger Things Gets 1980s-Style Action Figures From Funko

Stranger Things is about to take over the world with the shows second season set to debut October 27 on Netflix. Netflix has partnered with Funko to produce products from the show as well. Pops, Dorbz, plush, a little bit of everything. that also includes a new wave of 3.75 inch action figures hitting store […]

40th Anniversary Of Star Wars: An Ode To Action Figures, Both Past And Present

Starting in 1978, Star Wars collecting and especially the action figures took over the toy industry. No matter how many versions and variants released of characters over the years, collectors will be there, money in hand to purchase them. From the original Kenner toy line in 1978, to the weird action-hero style of Power of […]

Super7 Gets Blind Boxes Right With Alien Xenomorph ReAction Figures

On Alien Day last month, I was on the hunt for cool Alien collectibles, and stumbled upon these bad boys on the Super7 Store page. The Alien ReAction figures are awesome throwbacks to the 3.75 inch toys of old, and I've always loved the sculpts on these, so I ordered five of them and waited […]

Kenner Vintage Was All The Rage At Star Wars Celebration

Kenner perfected the action figure with their Star Wars line of action figures back in the late 70's and early 80's. They sold millions upon millions of figures, playsets, vehicles, anything really. It is one of the most beloved toy lines of all-time, and collectors (like myself) go gaga for loose and carded figures, spending […]