Kaiju Reign Supreme with Titanic Creations LLC New Monstrous Toy Line

The realm of originality is back as plenty of toy companies are starting to create their very own line of original collectibles. There are plenty of third-party toy lines out there that are actually starting to get some massive attention, like Lone Coconut's Plunderings line. However, we are not here to talk about pirate goblins, but something a little more monstrous with the unleash of Kaiju's. Titanic Creation LLC is bringing their love for giant monsters to life with a very special line of collectible figures There are only three figures out that with Titanicus, Nosferadon, and the most recent release of Skureaus. We were able to get our hands on two of these figures, and we were quite shocked at how badass this line is, so let's dive right in.

Each Titanic Creation's Soul Wars monster comes in a box with some nice art and even includes a mini-comic book with a story of the creature. Titaninus starts off the line, and his name is a dead give away for his comic book story as he is the Kaiju that took down the Titanic. That is right, this icy beast took down the luxury ship in 1912 with his iceberg spine only being the tip of the incident. The overall feel of the figure is not a bad start, simple detail with 4 points of articulation with moveable arms and legs. Titanicus stand 6" tall is 12" long, and monster fans, but it is the design and the detail of this figure that you can really see the heart they put into this line.

The Titanic Creations LLC fun does not end there as my favorite kaiju of their Souls War series arrives with, Nosferadon. The details are in the name once again as this bat-like monster is loaded with incredible detail and a unique design that makes him really deadly. Just like Titanicus, Nosferadon will come in a nice box and includes an interesting mini-comic book. This figure is far superior to Titanicus as the detail really stands out, and while the articulation doesn't do much, the moveable tail does allow for more poses. This kaiju is packing some great detail and could easily be a contender for the next King of the Monsters.

There is a toy line for just about anybody but Titanic Creations LLC is truly bringing something unique and original to the table. Whether you need more monsters for Godzilla or your Pacific Rim, this line is here to help grow your kaiju collection. The ability to create your own toy line is incredible, and the $60 piece tag might be pretty steep, but yet again, originality does not come cheap. Nosferadon is one of the coolest monsters I have seen in quite some time, and I would love to see a fully articulated version come to us in the future. Until then, be sure to support Titanic Creations grow right here, and I can not wait to see kaiju awesomeness awaits us.

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