Square Enix Brings Back Their Marvel Universe Variant Figures

The Marvel Universe has returned to Square Enix with the return of their Marvel Variant figures. Figures similar to this have been released in the past but were under the Play Arts Kai line. This time though, we will get getting some iconic Marvel heroes under the Bring Arts line. Three heroes are here with Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man arriving to save the day. Each one has been newly redesigned under the designer Tetsuya Nomura. He is quite known for the work he does with Final Fantasy characters. Each figure is packed with detail, highly articulated, and comes with a nice variety of accessories. Iron Man comes with interchangeable hands and attachable wings. Captain America will get his iconic shield that can be attached to his back along with swappable hands. Spider-Man will be taking on his Marvel Comics Civil War storyline costume design with attachable legs attachments and extra hand pieces.

Each one of these figures is interesting in their own way and they could easily fit in any Marvel fans collection. It is always interesting to see a new redesign for such classic characters. It is pretty cool to see what the designer of Final Fantasy characters does when he gets is hands on Marvel. Each of these Square Enix Marvel Universe Variant Figures will be priced at $134. You will be able to find each of them below along with photos and descriptions. I can't wait to see what other Marvel characters are around the corner for this line. Who would you like to see get the Square Enix remake next? I would love to see Thor and Venom under the new Bring Arts line and who knows maybe we will see them in the future.

Square Enix Reimagines the Marvel Universe


"Introducing IRON MAN as the first of the new BRING ARTS MARVEL UNIVERSE VARIANT series, designed by prolific character creator Tetsuya Nomura! With lustrous red and gold coloration adorning the stalwart-looking body. Despite its compact size, allowing it to fit in the palm of a hand, this product's innovative and polished design delivers more than enough visual impact. The backpack, which can be affixed to his back, can alternate modes between blade form and shield form. Additionally, included are 7 types of hand parts, enabling a variety of different actions specialized for battle."


"Introducing the second entry of the MARVEL UNIVERSE VARIANT BRING ARTS designed by Tetsuya Nomura – CAPTAIN AMERICA! His burly physique is complemented with his star-spangled costume. The metallic paintwork gives realism to the sense of weight of his armor, and overall showcases the strong presence of the reinterpreted Captain America. His signature shield is included as part of his accessories, in two variations: original colors, and a gold-color variant. Not only can these be attached to his arms, but they can also be mounted on his back & hip, or be used for dynamic action poses, such as his shield throw."


"The third entry in the MARVEL UNIVERSE VARIANT series designed by Creator Tetsuya Nomura is – Spider-Man! A three-dimensional spider-web pattern with sharp lines covers his entire body, and the shimmery red, blue and gold colors bring out the metallic texture. These all come together to create a stylish and new image of Spider-Man. The four pincers can be attached for extreme wide-open action poses or removed for a more sleek and classic folded down look, opening you to enjoy a variable range of dynamic poses."

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