Marvel Zombies Are Getting Funko Pop Tees That Are to Die For

Funko has released some amazing Pops for its Funkoween event. One of the coolest surprises was the combination of superheroes and horror with the Marvel Zombie Pops. I originally was not impressed with what we were shown but since that reveal Funko put a little cherry on top. They announced Marvel Zombies Pop Tees that will come with little pocket Pops. Four shirts were revealed with some deadly X-Men characters that fans can really sink their teeth into. Wolverine, Gambit, Magneto, and Deadpool will all be getting the Pop tee and Pocket Pop treatment. Each of these shirt designs are badass in so many ways. The difference between these and the Pops is the extra flavor and dynamic feel you get with it. These shirts make me want to get the Marvel Zombies Funko wave and wear these shirt while I do it. We are even getting a close up look at the Gambit Pop that does not have a full-sized Pop but should be on its way for the next wave.

My favorite shirt for this announcement is the Magneto Pop Tee. It just brings the heavy metal vibe alive and it makes me what yo hunt down all of the Marvel Zombies figures. Each design carries its own weight and brings these Pops alive in new deadly ways. I hope we can see more of these shirts come out and maybe actually have the full sized Pops instead of the Pocket sized versions. All of these Marvel Zombies Tee will be sized from Small to XXX-Large. They are set to come out in September and will be priced at $19.99 each. Pre-orders for some of these have already surfaced and you can find them located here. What are some other Marvel Zombies you would like to see get the Pop Tee next? I think Daredevil and Black Panther would look deadly with their own designed tee.

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