Marvel Zombies Rise from the Grave for Funko Funkoween

Funko's Funkoween is resurrecting the dead their new line of Marvel Zombies Funko Pops. We saw some of these during some of the Toy Fairs earlier this year. All was thought to be lost as even some preorders have been canceled but it looks like everything is back on track. Funko is bringing the heat with this Marvel Zombies wave with 4 commons, 4 retailer exclusives, Mystery Minis, and Pocket Pop keychains. For the common release, we will be getting Zombie versions of Hulk, Deadpool, Wolverine, and Mysterio. Each one is packed with eerie details from exposed bones, ripped skin, and green goo. The retailer exclusives bring us two Glow in the Dark versions with an Entertainment Earth Wolverine and a Walmart Exclusive Mysterio. There will also be two new characters with a GameStop Exclusive Marvel Zombies Venom and Hot Topic Exclusive Silver Surfer. These are retailer exclusives collectors will want to get their hands on especially that Venom! The Marvel Zombies Mystery Minis pack quite the zombie punch in this release as well. We are getting other zombie characters not shown yet like Gambit, Magneto, Jean Grey, and Black Panther. GameStop will have some Mini exclusive that includes Black & White Deadpool, Zombie She-Hulk, and Glow Gambit. Your local comic shops will also be getting some exclusive with Specialty Series Minis like B&W Magneto, Glow Wolverine, and a Marvel Zombies Daredevil. These Funko figures combine superheroes with horror in the most amazing way and will be a must have this fall.

Funko put in a lot of effort into this Marvel Zombies line and it really shows. The use of the commons with the retailer exclusives is a nice return to classic collecting and will please quite a few fans. The Venom and Silver Surfer are pretty gruesome and deadly and that is just what horror fans want in their collection. Pre-orders for quite a few of these Marvel Zombies figures are already live and you can find all the common releases here. Glow in the Dark Entertainment Earth Wolverine can be found here and Glow Mysterio here. This will be a series Funko has a lot of plans for and we are excited to see what other heroes and villains have a new lust for brains.

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