McFarlane Toys Unveils Wave 2 of Their New Gold Label Series

Last year McFarlane Toys announced that they are their figure lines will be getting a special Gold Label series. Yesterday, Todd McFarlane took to social media to unveil three figures for their second wave of Gold Label for various series. Each one of these figures will feature a special gold deco that will shine, giving collectors their own golden collectible. Up first is from Warhammer 40,000 as the Primaris Space Marine as he gets some new gold armor. Besides the new paint scheme, the figure will be the exact same as the original featuring the same sculpt and articulation. We then travel to the Dark Multiverse as another character from Batman Dark Nights: Metal comes to life. This time Red Death is back as a single release under the Gold Label and will feature a new shiny gold pair deco. This design correlates more to the Reverse-Flash Red Death that we saw in the comic when Barry Allen obtained his body back from evil Bruce. The original Red Death was never given solo releases and was included in a special Amazon exclusive 2-pack with The Flash. We can't have a McFarlane Toys reveal without a new Spawn figure, and the new Gold Label Series provides just that. From the Mortal Kombat figure line, Spawn gets a new golden shader deco that adds some shine to that dark design.

Sadly, all of these will be at Walmart exclusive, which has been a hit and a miss lately. McFarlane Toys has not released any information on prices or release dates just yet, but they did say that pre-orders are just on the horizon. I figure that the McFarlane Toys Gold Label Series would feature re-releases of some of their best selling figures. However, the figure lien is just what it says with a new golden deco that will be a fun new addition to any fan's growing collection. The Spawn and Reverse Red Death figures are the best of this release and will easily sell out when live. Fans can watch the entire reveal of this new wave online and here.

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