McFarlane Toys Pre-orders Land with Red Hood, Batgirl, and Batman

DC Multiverse is easily one of my favorite toy lines hitting shelves right, and McFarlane Toys has easily outdone themselves. DC Comics has really been dishing out some great stories lately, and McFarlane Toys has been bringing those stories to action figure form. One of their newest ventures is Batman: Three Jokers, as we explore how there is not just one Clown Prince of Crime but three! This wacky story showcases Batman's history of the Joker as well as the trauma the Bat-Family has endured. Batgirl and Red Hood join Batman on their quest for the truth, and they are also all getting their very own action figures based on the Three Joker comic.

McFarlane Toys has already released a Batgirl, Red Hood, and plenty of Batman figures, but these perfectly capture the DC Comics stories. Barbara comes with a batarang launcher, Batman comes with a grappling gun, and Red Hood sadly comes with a simple crowbar instead of dual pistols. All three figures are beautifully detailed and will be the perfect companion figures to fight the Three Jokers DC Multiverse figures. Pre-order for the whole wave of Batman: Three Jokers 7" figure is live right here with a $19.99 price tag and a November 2021 release date.

"In perpetual battle with The Joker, Batman has discovered there are, in fact, three individuals operating as The Clown Prince of Crime—each resembling a different version of the villain from Batman's past adventures. Now, with all three versions of The Joker banding together in a nefarious plot, it's up to the Dark Knight, Batgirl, and Red Hood to take down the terrifying trio!"

"Red Hood is a name and identity that has been used by various heroes and villains over the years. The current and best-known Red Hood is Jason Todd, a fierce hand-to-hand combatant and vigilante crime-fighter who was once Batman's second heroic apprentice called Robin. He has a complicated relationship with both his former mentor, Batman, and the original Robin, Dick Grayson."

"By day, Barbara Gordon is the bookish daughter of the Gotham City Police Commissioner, Jim Gordon. By night, Barbara dons a cape and cowl as Batgirl, committed to justice like her father. While her Utility Belt is equipped with Batarangs and other crime-fighting gadgets, her greatest tools are her brilliant mind and her unwavering determination. Batgirl is an expert martial artist and gymnast, trained in part by Batman, who's extremely athletic and agile. Her eidetic memory, heightened intelligence, and advanced knowledge of computers makes her a natural leader and skilled crime fighter."

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