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McFarlane Toys Unveils New Artist Proof Figures for Warhammer 40K

Step into the world of Warhammer 40,000 as McFarlane Toys is back with new and improved Space Marines as well as some Artist Proof variants 

Article Summary

  • McFarlane Toys reveals new Warhammer 40K Artist Proof figures, including Space Marines and Terminators.
  • Artist Proof series allows collectors to customize iconic figures with their own paintwork.
  • Space Wolves, World Eaters, and elite Adeptus Astartes Terminator models will be available.
  • Collect the full set via individual figures or a bundle, coming January 2024.

Prepare to descend into the immersive universe of Warhammer 40K with McFarlane Toys once again as they unveil some brand-new figures. Once released as Platinum Chases, the Artist Proof series is back and is not available as a separate release for the Warhammer 40K line. This new wave features some iconic factions from the game, such as the Space Wolves Wolf Guard, the World Eaters Khorne Berzerker, and the powerful Adeptus Astartes Terminator. Three other fully painted figures will also be coming, but this set of figures features different head sculpts, new helmets, and the arrival of the Adeptus Astartes Terminator.

These figures are blank canvases awaiting the stroke of a hobbyist's brush. Collectors can now bring the beloved tabletop gaming experience to life in a whole new dimension and in 6" format. Their favorite Warhammer 40,000 armies can now get new life by painting these highly detailed figures with the same passion and precision as their prized game pieces. McFarlane Toys wants collectors to be the artist, the storyteller, and the commander to customize these figures. Conquer the tabletop with Warhammer 40K with single releases of each Space Marine or a Warhammer bundle, all with a January 2024 release.

War Rages On with Warhammer 40K Figures from McFarlane 

"Space Wolf: They are the elite veterans of Chapter. To be a member of this select brotherhood is to wield the very deadliest weapons of war while serving as the personal guard of their Wolf Lord."

"Adeptus Astartes Terminator: They are amongst the greatest heroes of Mankind clad in the indomitable Tactical Dreadnought Armor. The right to use this suit of armor is the highest honor uphold on a veteran Space Marine. Equipped with teleportation devices, Terminators can deploy almost anywhere on the battlefield. No foe is safe from their assault."

"World Eaters Khorne Berzerker: They relish their role as the Blood God's sacred destroyers, and their fanaticism is feared throughout the galaxy. None are safe from their unbound violence, victims and ally will fall under the hacking blow of revving chain weapons. No matter how many lives they claim for the Skull Throne, it will never be enough to quench their bloodthirst hunger or appease the bite of the Butcher's Nails."

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