More Ryan Stegman Art Comes to Hasbro with Ultimate Spider-Man Set 

It was not long ago when we saw Hasbro's Marvel Legends team dish out a new Venom three-pack set. The multi-pack includes two long-awaited symbiotes with Riot and Agony in all their 90s glory. The biggest seller was the set features a brand new Venom with a new and insane Eddie Brock/Venom head sculpt. However, that was not the only thing the set features, as the new windowless box set features artwork by the one and only comic artist Ryan Stegman. This hit comic artist has drawn some of the greats with plenty of Spider-Man and Venom artwork under his belt. The packaging looks incredible, but what if I told you Hasbro was not done with Stegman just yet?! 

Well, hold onto your butts as another new Marvel Legends multi-pack from Hasbro is on the way and, yes, Ryan Stegman art returns! The 5-pack features the return of the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man with a new symbiote Spidey and four villains! The four villains consist of Silvermane, Human Fly, Molten Man, and Razorback in all their Marvel Comics glory. The set is loaded with pure joy, and that new teen Spidey is a surprise for the set, and I know plenty of collectors who will just be going after that figure. Adding actual and unique Marvel Comics art is amazing, and it would be a successful way to keep the Go Green and windowless packaging moving forward. 

"I went and did more art for @hasbro! This time for a Spider-Man Marvel Legends toy! Pre-order now!"

Many Marvel Legends collectors have been upset with the new windowless boxes, and I do say they look pretty plain. I have said it before, and I will keep saying it, but I think the design show should be passed to toy photographers or comic artists. If Hasbro is removing that window, it makes it newer pointless to keep it in the box, but add that collectible packaging element, and it is a whole new ballgame. I hope Hasbro can continue to work with Stegman for more Marvel Legends art, and I hope more this is on the way. Pre-orders for the Spider-Man Legends 5-Pack set drops on August 16, 2022 only on Amazon at 1 PM EST.

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