My Little Pony Gets Retro Toys Mash-Up Figures from Hasbro

My Little Pony is back with two new figures that are getting special mash-up designs. Hasbro is taking fans back in time with new special 80s inspired deco, color, and new cutie marks based on retro toys. First is Right Hoof Red who is getting a new look based on the classic game Twister. Standing 4.5 inches tall, she will have molded plastic hair and a Twister mark. The My Little Pony is brightly colored and will have you seeing red, blue, yellow, and green once again. The mash-ups don't end there as Peggy Mane is back and getting a special retro design with the classic toy Lite-Brite. She stands at 4.5 inches tall and has a fun Lite-Brite sailboat design as her cutie mark. Both pony's feature retro packaging and will be fun additions for My Little Pony or 80's fans.

My Little Pony has been getting a lot of mash-up and crossover figures lately with some big names like Ghostbusters, Power Rangers, and even Transformers. It now looks like we're getting more of a retro take on these classic toys by matching them up with more classic games and toys. These unique designs will please fans of Lite-Brite, Twister, and of course My Little Pony. Fans will not want to miss out on these special retro designs and collectors can buy them now for $12.99. They can be both found located here as well as other Pony's available now from Hasbro.

"Go back in time with a mashup of awesome retro brands. My Little Pony retro mashup Right Hoof Red and Peggy Mane has styling inspired by previous generations of pony figures. Retro figure is mashed up with beloved 80s brands — Twister and Lite-Brite!! These characters have unique 80s-inspired deco, colors, and Cutie Mark designed to look like the classic Twister and Lite-Brite games. Each figure is 4.5 inches tall with molded plastic hair. This retro-inspired figure comes in a vintage-themed package that's great to collect and display. New My Little Pony fans and longtime collectors alike can share the excitement of this fun and nostalgic My Little Pony 80s figure."

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