The Jurassic Period Gets Wet and Wild With New NERF Super Soaker

The prehistoric jungle is about to get wet and wild as a new Super Soaker has been revealed by NERF. Coming out of their new Dino-Squad line comes the Dino-Soak Super Soaker that is packed with great dinosaur detail. Based on the acid-spitting dinosaur, the Dilophosaurus, this Super Soaker will drench the completion in a dino-tastic way. The handling is just like other NERF Super Soaker blasters, but this one features an interesting dino design. With a Dilophosaurus head them, fans can recreate the acid-spitting action of this deadly dino.

The design of this Super Soaker is pretty great, as is a perfect way to combine dinosaurs and fun. The backyard water games are in for a real treat this spring, so make sure you have the right blaster in your hands. The Super Soaker Dino-Squad Dino-Soak all be priced at $14.99. This blaster is set to take action in Spring 2021, and pre-orders are not live just yet, but fans will be able to find this and other Dino-Squad blasters when live here.

"NERF SUPER SOAKER DINOSQUAD DINO-SOAK – (HASBRO/Ages 6 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $14.99/Available: Spring 2021). The NERF SUPER SOAKER DINO-SOAK blaster captures the look of a Dilophosaurus dinosaur, creating a water blaster with the features of this dinosaur, with its ferocious face, a mouthful of teeth, and colorful crest. The DINO-SOAK is easy to fill and easy to operate. Open the cap, fill the tank with water, and close the cap, then pump the handle back and forth to unleash a dinotastic deluge! Bring this water blaster into your next NERF battle and start soaking with the force of a dinosaur! It's great for outdoor battles and backyard games, and lots of fun for kids, teens, adults. Ready, aim, soak! Available at most major toy retailers nationwide."

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