Overwatch D.Va is Back in the Fight with Good Smile Re-Release

D.Va is back once again s Good Smile Company announces the re-release of her Overwatch Nendoroid figure. The figure from the multiplayer first-person shooter game from Blizzard returns after two years. D.Va is back in her classic skin and is packed with detail and accessories. However, this Overwatch figure does have some new features, like some all-new articulation that is incorporated in the back of her hair. This will allow her hair to be placed into more dynamic poses, unlike in her figure's first release. D.Va is also loaded with some Overwatch accessories like a bubble gum bubble, smartphone, soda can, and her light gun.

D.Va will also come with her MEKA from Overwatch as well, but it is pint-size and ready for action. This will allow Overwatch fans to display her in some poses, just like in the game. From the play of the game poses to emotes, fans can pose their D.Va in a variety of ways thanks to Good Smile Company. Collectors can get this re-released figure for $47.99, and she is set to release in April 2021. Pre-orders are already live here and will stay open until January 2021.

"From the globally popular multiplayer first-person shooter, Overwatch®, Nendoroid D.Va: Classic Skin Edition is back for a rerelease! All the details of her outfit, as well as her cute face paint have been faithfully included on the Nendoroid design! The figure also features all-new articulation in the back of her hair that can be used to move her hair into more dynamic poses and recreate your favorite scenes from the game!

Her MEKA unit is included in miniaturized form to display by her side, and features articulated arm, leg and waist parts allowing for various different situations. You can even make use of the size difference to create perspective between D.Va and the mech in order to pose her ejecting just as she uses her self-destruct ability!

Her light gun is included for combat scenes and can also be held to capture the cute pose from her "Eject" highlight intro. A selection of snacks as well as a bubblegum bubble are also included for all sorts of poses. Be sure to display her with the previously announced heroes in the Overwatch® Nendoroid series!"

Set Contents:

  • Front and Back Hair Parts
  • Face Plate×3
  • Body×1
  • Right Arm (Articulated)×1
  • Right Hand Parts×4
  • Left Arm (Articulated)×1
  • Left Hand Parts×4
  • Right Leg (Articulated)×1
  • Left Leg (Articulated)×1
  • Mech
  • Light Gun
  • Bubblegum Bubble
  • Smartphone (with Hand Part)
  • Bag of Chips (with Hand Part)
  • Soda Can(with Hand Part)

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