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Prime 1 Studio Debuts New Jurassic World 1/10 Velociraptor Statues

New Jurassic World: Dominion collectibles are here with new dino statues and figures for fans to buy. However, Prime 1 Studio is throwing the clock back and celebrating some of the dinosaurs from the first Jurassic World film. Fans fell in love with Owen Grady's Velociraptors Charlie, Delta, Echo, and Blue. Most of these Raptors did not make it out of the film and Prime 1 Studio is allowing fans to bring them home with new 1/10 scale statues.  Coming in at 7" tall, Charlie, Echo, and Delta, are all displayed on themed jungle bases with incredible detail. All three statues feature similarities as well as differences in deco and positioning. Jurassic World fans will appreciate adding these Velociraptors to their Jurassic World collection, and they are all found right here for $100 each.

"Prime 1 Studio is happy to announce the addition of more Velociraptors to our Prime Collectible Figure Series! We present the first of Blue's dangerous and cunning pack: the 1:10 Scale Velociraptors from Jurassic World! Owen Grady raised Blue and her sisters as siblings. While their relationship was tenuous, there was an underlying foundation of respect. Altogether, the Velociraptor pack was a stunning sight to behold!"

"Prime 1 Studio sculptors and painters are proud to finally enable our passionate fans to complete the whole Velociraptor pack! Delta, Charlie and Echo comes in at 7 inches tall and more than a foot long. You can tell Delta apart from her sisters from her raised stance and cool grey coloring with darker grey striping. As for Charlie, she displays cunning intelligence, looking like she's listening intently to the others. Her verdant, green-hued skin was punctuated by darker green stripes."

"Lastly, Echo is shown with a closed mouth, and warm tan skin with vibrant green striping. Their muscles ripple underneath her impeccably detailed hide, full of wrinkles, bumps, and scales. They all exhibits a healthy sheen from a carefully applied, realistic gloss coat. Delta, Charlie, and Echo stand ready to take cues from the pack leader on a Jurassic World-themed earthen base sporting a bronze-finished Jurassic World logo towards the front.

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