Lord of the Rings Berserker Gets New Prime 1 Studio Statue

Prime 1 Studio continues with their amazing The Lord of the Rings statues and this time we visit The Two Towers. The Berserker Orc Uruk-Hai is getting his very own 1/4 scale statue. The Lord of the Rings Orc stands roughly 37″ tall and is featured on a battle scene diorama base. He is depicted from the Battle of Helms Deep and is seen with a banner as a backdrop. Uruk-Hai stands is displayed with his sword held high with the sign of a bloody triumph. The orc is standing ferocious with arrows sculpted in his back giving him a more dynamic look. There will be a standard and deluxe edition offered that comes with a variety of swappable parts. The Deluxe Berseker gets a helmeted and unhelmeted head sculpt, interchangeable right and left arms with one holding a severed head. This is one statue that Lord of the Rings fans will not want to miss out on.

The massive lore of Lord of the Rings can not be contained in one statue but Prime 1 Studio can try. This statue is highly detailed and packed with some amazing craftsmanship. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Uruk-Hai Berserker Orc 1/4 Scale Statue is set to release between December 2021 and March 2022. The standard is priced at $899 and the deluxe edition comes in at $1,099. Pre-orders are already live and can be found located here. Payment plans are available so take advantage of them if needed don't miss out on some of the other beautiful Lord of the Rings statues also coming soon from Prime 1.

"Uruk-Hais are already some of the strongest and most brutal warriors of Middle-Earth however, The Battle of Helms Deep called for something else. Behold the Berserker! The Uruk-Hai Berserkers are larger, more barbaric, more blood-thirsty versions of your basic Uruk-Hai warriors. Before sent to battle, their tight-fitted helmet was filled with the blood of the enemy, sending them into a battle-frenzy!"

"This Uruk-Hai Berserker here stands 37 inches tall upon a Battle of Helms Deep base, featuring the Uruk-Hai flag. The Berserker stands in a victory pose, his sword high in the air. Being the main attack on the Deeping wall, they do not die easily. All throughout his body you can see fresh wounds, old wounds and even a couple of arrows that are pierced in his body. Fresh off a kill and ready for the next one, the Berserker takes no prisoners."

"The Deluxe Version will allow you to display your Uruk-Hai Berserker's ferocity in a multitude of ways. Complete with two portraits that will allow you to show the true gruesome face of the Berserker, and two switch-outs each on the left and right hands. If you want dual-wielded swords or the Berserker holding the severed head of a Rohirrim warrior, the choice is yours!"

"A true masterpiece that not only grabs your attention, but also tells the story of one of the most brutal warriors in the entire Lord of The Rings franchise! We have crafted this show-stopping statue with the upmost attention to detail and concept design to bring you the most movie-accurate Uruk-hai Berserker on the market! An excellent addition to your collection and must have for Lord of the Rings fans everywhere!"


– One (1) Lord of the Rings designed themed base

– Two (2) Swappable portraits (Helmet, No Helmet)

– Two (2) Swappable left hands (Normal, Holding sword)

– Two (2) Swappable right hands (Holding Severed head, Holding Sword)

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