QMx Enters the Jungle With New Predator Q-Fig Max Elite Statue

Quantum Mechanix has revealed their newest Q-Fig Max Elite statue with a trip to the iconic and legendary 1987 film, Predator. That is right, the Jungle Hunter is back and in adorable QMx Q-Fig format with this might full diorama statue. The might hunter lurks in the trees as QMx captures the Predator in an unmasked sculpt while he is on the hunt. Standing 7" tall, the statues show the victorious hunter up top as his victims lay at the base of the trees. That is not all, as hidden in the muddy base is the one and only Major Dutch Schafter as he strategically plans his next move. The Predator Q-Fig Max Elite Diorama statue will be a Walmart Exclusive with a priced tag of $49.95. The hunter is back once again this July, and pre-orders are already live, and fans can find them here. Just be wary that Walmart is not the best at keeping pre-order promises, and some might even find him in store this summer before pre-orders ship. "I ain't got time to bleed."

"Get to the Choppa! The galaxy's most feared hunter, an apex "predator" with a fondness for collecting gruesome trophies, stalks the jungles of Central America. Strong, cunning, silent, deadly, mysterious, and capable of taking down almost any target, this killer only met his match when he ran into Ah-nold. Turn the tables and add him to your collection with the Predator Q-Fig Max Elite from QMx. Based on the titular monster from the movie, The Predator, this Q-Fig brings the scene where the extra-terrestrial warrior stalks our hero, Major Dutch Schafer, to life.

Our proprietary Everstone polymer captures every exquisite detail as the Predator uses a combination of high-tech gadgets and highly developed senses to scan for his quarry from a treetop perch. With a keen eye, you might even spot a special guest hiding in the mud below. The Predator Q-Fig Max Elite stands nearly 7 inches tall from the muddy, skull-adorned base to the very top of the gnarled tree, making it a great centerpiece for your collection. Collect the Predator Q-Fig Max Elite exclusively from Walmart retail locations and Walmart.com/collectibles… before he collects you."

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