Retro TMNT Storage Shell Turtles Make a Return with Playmates 

Playmates is keeping nostalgia alive once more as new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vintage figures arrive with the storage shell feature 

Playmates has been the home of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) since the beginning of the franchise. They have continued to dish out new collectibles each year, even if it is just constantly updated releases. Rereleases are part of the trade, but nostalgia and vintage collecting has easily grown in the past few years. Playmates have easily marketed this with "new" releases of classic vintage TMNT figures with card back and all. The newest set of figures is the Original Classic Storage Shell 4" figures! 

The whole TMNT team in back with Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael featuring these storage shell designs. Who needs an armory when you have a shell, and these ninjas are storing all their weapons right on their backs. Each turtle comes with their signature weapons, ninja stars, pizza disc, and a set of accessories just for that turtle. 1980s turtle glory return of these figures with classic packaging, card back design, and are priced at $11.99 each. These TMNT figures are popping up in Target stores now and can also be found online, but orders are not offered yet. TMNT fans can find Leo here, Raph here, Mikey here, and Donny here! Cowabunga Dude! 

Playmates Brings Back TMNT Nostalgia Once Again 

"Always prepared for any sewer situation, this 4" Original Classic Storage Shell Leonardo's got everything he needs in his new ninja nook! Now when Leo leads the fearless foursome into Foot territory, he'll have all his wacky weapons to back him up. Everything fits neatly into Leo's traveling turtle shell, so load him up—because Leo is one leader who won't get caught with his back empty!"

"Because he's only got two hands, this 4" Original Classic Storage Shell Donatello relies on his shell to tote the tools of his trade! He's got his bo staff snapped to his back for easy retrieval, and when the going gets Turtle tough, he just opens his storage shell and selects a weapon from his awesome arsenal! Don's the first Turtle to perfect this super stash—now, he cannot only store weapons on his back, he can sneak secret sewer stuff right past the Foot Clan!"

"This tricky Turtle teen loves to fake out the Foot into thinking he's empty-handed, but we know better! With just a flick of his storage shell, he's got everything a Foot-fighting hero needs! So don't worry when Raph's all alone and surrounded by a hoard of henchmen, because his secret stash of Foot-flipping weapons is always right behind him."

"Michelangelo used to take mid-battle breaks to scarf down some heavy-duty pizza power! But now with his pizza-packing storage shell, this 4" Original Classic Storage Shell Michelangelo can just keep on going! There's lots of room for stashing snacks inside—there would be even more if he didn't have to take along an anti-Foot arsenal! But Mikey knows that without his Nunchuks, Pipe Grappling Hook and other weapons, he could end up as Turtle-toppings on a Foot Clan double crust special!"

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