Return of the Living Dead Tarman Arrives at Trick or Treat Studios

There are so many iconic zombie movies out there, but how about some truly iconic zombies? The Walking Dead has some that really stand out, like the Well Zombie or the Little Girl for the first episode. However, The Return of the Living Dead easily has one of the funniest, creepiest, and weirdest with Tarman. Tarman was created by being trapped in a barrel in the basement of Darrow Chemical Company. It was not until two unfortunate souls unleashed the horror and not only unleashed Tarman but, the chemical Trioxin-245 creating a new strain of zombie.

Trick or Treat Studios is bringing Tarman back to life as they debut their new and highly detailed 1:6 scale figure. The Return of the Living Dead figure comes with two swappable heads and of course the necessary brain accessory. The wacky Tarman is faithfully recreated from the black goo, and skeletal sculpt Trick or Treat Studios did a great job. The Return of the Living Dead Tarman is priced at $139.99 and is set for an October 2022 release. An additional accessory pack is also set to head our way giving fans a split dog, Trioxin barrel, and basement backdrop, to only enhance his display capabilities. Pre-orders are already live, and the horror of Tarman can be acquired right here. BRAINNSSSSS.

"Return of the Living Dead – Tarman 1:6 Scale Figure – Sculpted by Alex Ray & Justin Mabry. Trick or Treat Studios and Living Dead Media are proud to present the official Return of the Living Dead Tarman 1:6 Scale Action Figure. This amazing figure was sculpted from the ground up by Alex Ray and Justin Mabry to give the most movie-accurate look possible. The figure features different materials and finishes to really capture that perfect gooey fresh from the barrel zombie look. Figure measures approximately 12″ and includes 2 interchangeable heads and a brain. And to round the package out, the figure comes in a beautiful Collectors Box with a flip-back window display."

"The "BRAINS" head option is inspired by the first time we meet Tarman as he calls for Tina's "BRAINS!", during this scene Tarman was depicted by a puppet with a slightly different look than the costume version of the character. And the "MORE BRAINS" head is inspired by the scene where the group unknowingly encounters Tarman (depicted by a costumed actor) in the basement as they go to help Tina. Tarman exclaims "MORE BRAINS!" after making a snack out of Suicide. Keep an eye out for the accessory set featuring split dog, Trioxin barrel, and basement backdrop coming soon!"

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