Silent Hill 3 Robbie the Rabbit Comes to Life with Gecco

In Silent Hill 3 we were introduced to the Lakeside Amusement Park mascot Robbie the Rabbit. This bloodies rabbit has since appeared in multiple Silent Hill games since. Coming a variety of colors, Gecco has announced the return of Robbie the Rabbit once again. Their newest 3.75" figure captures the bloody rabbit in all his glory. He will come in 6 different colors: pink, white, green, purple, blue, and yellow. Each has blood around there mouth and they will each come with their own unique weapon. To stay true to the original design, each Silent Hill Robbie the Rabbit will be flocked. Gecco is also offering a Stretcher accessory for Robbie that is from Lost Memories: The Art & Music of Silent Hill DVD. With both of these pieces together fans and collectors will be able to create some spooky scenes and poses. There is one collectible that Silent Hill fans be putting their money towards and bring the horror back to their gaming collection.

These creepy little rabbits played as a nice little Easter egg in the later Silent Hill games. This fun character can now be your own little Easter egg as you hide him around your house or display on your desk. It is always fun when companies bring to life the smaller icons from games that gamers can now enjoy in the real world. Each Silent Hill Robbie the Rabbit is priced at $29.99 along with the same price tag on the Stretcher. They are both set to release around the same time between November 202 and February 2021. Pre-orders are already live and you can find them all located here.

"Robbie the Rabbit," the iconic character mascot of SILENT HILL is recreated as an action figure.  Available in 6 colorful variations, collectors can choose from pink, blue, green, white, yellow and purple. The head to body ratio is expertly calculated and shrunk to match the 95 mm mini size, re-enforcing the adorable silhouette.  To recreate the real costume, the head, arms and feet are covered with flocking. Plenty of other accessories are finely sculpted in exacting detail. Accessories: (Pink: Steel Pipe & Wooden Plank, Blue: Chainsaw, Green: Circular Saw, White: Axe, Yellow: Maul, Purple: Rifle)."

"The stretcher appeared in the bonus movie " usagi" from the DVD "Lost Memories: THE ART & MUSIC OF SILENT HILL" is recreated in the same scale as the Robbie the Rabbit Mini. The surface of the mattress is flat and the back side has dents to fit Robbie's head and body so that he can lie down on it. This item will surely expand display options for Robbie the Rabbit Mini."

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