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Good Smile Brings Nightmares to Life with New Silent Hill Statue
It is still crazy to me that in this era of reboots, prequels, and sequels, we have not seen a new Silent Hill game Hell, we are even getting the return of Dead Space, and if there was a time for this series to return, it is now Horror is bigger than ever, and scary[...]
Nightmare’s Come to Life with Mezco Toyz New Silent Hill Statue 
We have seen Predator and Conan for the line already, and now it looks like the gruesome world of Silent Hill has arrived Pyramid Thing is back and is ready to slice and dice with this incredible and highly detailed statue The deadly Silent Hill 2 villain is displayed on the decaying ruins of the[...]
Numskull Designs Unveils Silent Hill 2 Bubble Head Nurse Statue 
Intro looks like a new franchise is coming to Numskull as we return to the horror filled realm of Silent Hill More specifically, Silent Hill 2 with the arrival of the Bubble Head Nurse with a highly detailed 9" tall statue The hand-painted statue is shown in the decaying hospital with a trolley and signature[...]
Return to Silent Hill with Mezco Toyz New 5 Points Boxed Set
It is time to return to the horror of Silent Hill once again as Mezco Toyz reveals their new 5 Points Boxed Set This Deluxe Box Set includes both Bubble Head Nurse and the deadly Red Pyramid Head Diorama pieces will be included featuring the Brookhaven Hospital in all of its decaying and destroyed glory[...]
Gecco Announces New Silent Hill x Dead by Daylight 1/6 Scale Statue
Horror walks the Earth once again as Gecco reveals that they are re-releasing their Silent Hill Pyramid Head statues However, these statues are getting an updated look as they lean in towards the newest Dead by Daylight DLC release Fully sculpted and ready to kill, The Execution is ready to add some death and bloody[...]
Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Thing Comes to Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective
Fans will have to contour to wait for a new Silent Hill game, but the horrifying adventures can continue with Mezco Toyz Coming out of Silent Hill 2, Red Pyramid Thing is back as he joins the One:12 Collective figure line with an awe-inspiring release Featuring a bloody weathering design, this monster is loaded with[...]
Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head Gets New Statue from First 4 Figures
This is a game that fans have patiently waited for, and it looks like it will deliver, so now hopefully, we can get the return of Silent Hill Silent Hill has a powerful fanbase, and it's an incredible franchise that definitely deserves to see the power of these next-gen systems While we do not have[...]
Mezco Con 2021 Recap: Spidey 2099, Silent Hill, Robin and More
Last but not we return to Silent Hill 2 as Pyramid Head makes his deadly debut with the Mezco One: 12 Collective series This bloody figure is loaded with eerie detail that will only get fans more hesitant to push for a new Silent Hill game. #gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-2 img[...]
Silent Hill 2 Bubble Head Nurse Returns With Mezco Toyz LDD
Mezco Toyz is taking us back to the horrific town of Silent Hill as they unveil their newest Living Dead Doll This time we are getting the return of the Bubble Head Nurse from the hit horror game Silent Hill 2 This deadly nurse is a simple, psychotic illusion from the mind of our protagonist,[...]
Mezco Toyz Brings the Horror with Dead Dolls and Designer Series
Lastly, we are getting a brand new collectible for the hit horror game Silent Hill 2 The Bubble Head Nurse is back and just as terrifying as ever with this new Living Dead Doll from Mezco Toyz From her bloody outfit to her creepy head sculpt, this is one Silent Hill collectible that fans will[...]
Manga Creator Junji Ito Never Got to Start Work on Canceled Silent Hills Game
Looks like Hideo Kojima isn't the only former Silent Hill person moving onto something else as the game's creator has a new project Keiichiro Toyama, the creator of the series, gave an interview to IGN Japan in which he briefly went over what he's currently doing at his new studio, Bokeh Game Studio By all[...]
Silent Hill Content Arrives In Dead By Daylight Mobile
Behaviour Interactive revealed this week that the Silent Hill content had finally arrived in Dead By Daylight Mobile As part of the additions to the game, you have two new characters joining The Entity's Realms as you're getting Cheryl Mason, previously known as Heather as a Survivor Meanwhile, the Killer is Pyramid Head, known here as[...]
Silent Hill Pyramid Head and Bubble Head Nurse Return to Good Smile
Good Smile Company is taking fans back to the horror classic Silent Hill 2 with a figure re-release To iconic monsters from the game are back with Pyramid Head and the Bubble Head Nurse Each figma is back and ready to strike fear into the hearts of collectors once again Both figures will use smooth[...]
Dead By Daylight Launches Silent Hill Cybil Bennett Legendary Set
Behaviour Interactive showed off a new Dead By Daylight Legendary skin today for the game as Silent Hill's Cybil Bennett has been added Technically the character has not been added to the game, per se This is a skin for Cheryl Mason, one of the game's survivors, as you can transformer her into Bennett for[...]
Silent Hill Robbie the Rabbit Comes to Life with Gecco
In Silent Hill 3 we were introduced to the Lakeside Amusement Park mascot Robbie the Rabbit This bloodies rabbit has since appeared in multiple Silent Hill games since Coming a variety of colors, Gecco has announced the return of Robbie the Rabbit once again Their newest 3.75" figure captures the bloody rabbit in all his[...]