Spider-Gwen Swings on in with New Sideshow Collectibles Statue 

Gwen Stacy plays a massive part in Spider-Man history, and it was an interesting concept to see her as a web-slinging hero. Introduced in The Edge of Spider-Verse #2, we saw an alternate world where Gwen Stacy was bit by the radioactive spider and not Peter Parker. However, this led Peter into becoming that world's version of the Lizard and he ended up dying while taking on Spider-Woman (Spider-Gwen). Her popularity has grown since her debut and she even has been going to college on our Marvel Comics Earth 616 world. Sideshow Collectibles has revealed that the stylish and impressive Ghost Spider is swinging on in with23.75" tall statue. She will be shown swinging on a city display base while chatting the Miles Morales and even gets an exclusive unmasked head sculpt. Priced at $600 or $620 for the Sideshow Exclusive, collectors can check out all of this new statue below and find pre-orders right here.

"Spider-Gwen Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles – Sideshow presents the Spider-Gwen Premium Format™ Figure, a sensational Marvel collectible swinging in from across the Multiverse. The Spider-Gwen Premium Format Figure measures 23.75" tall and 12" wide as Gwen Stacy swings over the bright New York City skyline. The unique forced perspective base gives a spider's eye view of the Big Apple, complete with traffic lights easily bypassed by web-slinging, as well as a billboard advertising the services of Earth-65's more malicious Matt Murdock. While she's on the move, Gwen is video chatting with an unmasked Miles Morales on her phone — signal strength in the Spider-Verse can't be beat!"

"Inspired by the heroine's iconic appearance in Marvel Comics, the polystone Spider-Gwen Premium Format figure is fully sculpted and includes her white and pink masked portrait to hide her identity. Her costume features dynamic paint applications to highlight the colors of Gwen's signature white, black, pink, and teal suit, even down to the dirt on the soles of her stylized shoes. Her backpack has a pair of drumsticks inside the pocket, completing her unique style. Whether she's headed to band practice or the scene of a crime, Spider-Gwen will rock your world — and your collection."

"The Exclusive Edition of the Spider-Gwen Premium Format Figure includes an alternate unmasked portrait that reveals her secret identity to the city. Send a selfie to Spider-Man or let Gwen feel the breeze through her blonde hair with this exclusive display option."

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