Spooky and Eerie Funko SODA Vinyls Debut for Funkoween

The eerie reveals continue as Funko pushes on with their Halfway to Hallow's Eve Funkoween reveals. Stepping away from the Pop Train, it looks like the Funko Soda line contours to grow as more spooky ones are on the way. As usual, each of these Soda Vinyl figures will also be limited edition, with the highest at 15,000 this time and the lowest being 7,000 pieces. Each one will come with a chance at a Chase Variant, which is always a major part of getting these collectibles. Eleven Funko Soda Vinyl were revealed for the Funkoween event with some various reveals as well as a mighty set of The Nightmare Before Christmas Black Light debut. All of the Sodas that were revealed consist of:

  • The Great Garloo – LE 7,000 Pieces – Glow in the Dark The Great Garloo Chase
  • Disney Villains –  Ursula  – LE 15,000 Pieces – Queen Ursula Chase
  • Ghostbusters – Slimer  – LE 9,000 Pieces – Glow in the Dark Slimer Chase
  • Marvel Comics – Spider-Man Noir – LE 9,000 Pieces – Spider-Man Noir w/ Hat Chase
  • Stranger Things – Dustin – LE 12,500 Pieces – Clothes Swap Dustin Chase

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Black Light Collection:

  • Jack Skellington (Yellow) – LE 12,500 Pieces – Inverted Jack Chase 
  • Sally – LE 12,500 (Blue) – Inverted Red Sally Chase 
  • Oogie Boogie (Pink) – LE 12,500 Pieces – Inverted Black Oogie Chase 
  • Mayor (Happy Face) – LE 12,5000 Pieces – Inverted Sad Face Mayor Chase
  • Jack Skellington with Snake – LE 12,500 Pieces – Inverted Chase – Hot Topic Exclusive 

I really feel like Funko is milking that Black Light concept, which I sad as it used to be a unique thing here and there. However, these Funko Soda figures will all be limited to only 12,500 pieces so that is a big plus. The inverted chases are pretty sick, and I would love to get the Chase Sally, while I would prefer the standard red Oogie Boogie. Slimer and Spider-Man Noir are Las two fun additions to the lineup, and I think Slimer will fly off the shelves. Ghostbusters stuff sells and this line captures that Saturday Morning Cartoon vibe perfectly with Slimer just oozing it. All of these Funko Soda Funkoween reveals are currently up for pre-order here and here. Get yours while you can before they sell out and good luck getting one of those chases.

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