Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road Track is a Collectors Dream

Mario Kart is one of the few spin-off franchises that might actually outshine the original franchise that started it all. Super Mario Bros. is easily the highlight of Nintendo, and their wide variety of spin-off games like Mario Golf, Super Mario Party, and Super Mario Galaxy all succeed on their own. However, Mario Kart is one of those series that can really shine off-screen as well as on-screen, and Mattel has made that come true with their Hot Wheels creations. Mattel was very kind enough to send us one of their truly incredible Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road Raceway Track sets to check out, and this collectible deserves its spot in the winner's circle.

Rainbow Road is already a very popular and iconic track inside every Mario Kart game, and Mattel brought it to life in an amazing fashion. This Hot Wheels track is not just like any other track as it is massive, measuring 2 feet high and 8 feet long. This track is very big and does need a lot of space to display as well as play with but once you clear up space it is amazing to see. The track features lights and sounds with the track starting theme, Lakitu spotlight race starting sequence, and finishing racer chime. The Mario Kart Rainbow Road track features a mixture of rainbow track pieces, curved sections, and a special item box track section. The track holds up to five 1:64 die-cast Mario Kart racers and features two modes with a standard speed race or the usual item box race.

This Hot Wheels track is incredible for kids and adults alike, giving them an amazing 3D competition of the beloved Mario Kart game. Two racers are included with the Rainbow Road track with a Mario and an exclusive King Boo, but I needed more to experience the track's thrill fully. After a nice hunt, more racers were secured for Rainbow Road, and it really changed everything as it added that beloved competitive thrill to Hot Wheels. Mattel already has plenty of Karts out there, and this massive track really allows each racer to shine. Standard Hot Wheels cars do not really work with the set as they are not heavy enough to handle the track's intense Item Box section.

The Item Box section of the track is where the Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road track really shines. Each of the 5 tracks has a lever that the Kart must pass through towards the end of the track. When triggered, the lever actives a random barrier with one of the usual Mario Kart items on it. These act as the Red and Green Shells, Bombs, and bananas that racers usually get but are random when triggered, making each race its own unique spectacle. These triggers can be tuned off by a simple switch turning Rainbow Road into a fun speed track, but the Kart still has to pass through the lever but with no reaction this time. These levers do add some fun scenarios with Karts crashing, getting air time, switched tracks, and more crazy action.

The Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road Raceway Track from Mattel is a Target Exclusive collectible and is priced at a whopping $139.99. As a huge Mario Kart fan, this collectible is incredible and a joy for both adults and kids. Fans can hold races, tournaments, and much more with this set, and it adds an extra element having these pieces in the real world. Fans can have their own favorite car in hand and be surprised each time they race. Mattel really outdid themselves this time around and this is one mighty Hot Wheels set that Super Mario Bros will defiantly want to showoff. Keep an eye out in stores for Rainbow Road, and be sure to start building up your own Kart Collection to prepare for the big race.

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