Star Wars Celebrations 22' Hasbro Showcase: The Vintage Collection 

We have arrived on the Hasbro show floor, and it is loaded with some of their newest Star Wars Celebration reveals. We recently showcased some of the new Star Wars The Black Series, and fans can check that out here. This whole set of reveals consists of new debuts for the popular 3.75" The Vintage Collection and luckily most were shown on the floor. Kicking things off first is Obi-Wan Kenobi from his new series with LOLA accessory. We then return to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with a Shared Fan Exclusive with R2-SHW getting his own figure. This Astromech belongs to Antoc Merrick, who also has a The Vintage Collection figure and X-Wing set out there.

We then get the premiere of some brand new figures for the upcoming 2023 video game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Not only did it get a new trailer, but some of the game's new villains are coming to The Vintage Collection. This will consist of a Fan Channel release for the Riot Scout Trooper, KX Security Droid, and my personal favorite, the return of the MagnaGuard. Each figure is loaded with accessories and detail; let's just hope a Cal Kestis figure can make it to TVC line soon. The fun does not end there as Pilot Luke Skywalker is coming to the Retro Collection with six variants! As for army builders, Hasbro takes Star Wars fans to Hoth for the Hot Rebel Soldier 4-Pack set!

The last reveal is easily one of the biggest with the arrival of the Dark Troopers from The Mandalorian! This figure will feature the new windowless packaging and is chalked up as a deluxe release. This figure is pretty crazy though; he will come with an armory locker he can be placed in and connect with other Star Wars TVC Dark Trooper sets. A secondary "non-active" head is also included to show the Dark Trooper in stasis mode for its locker. These are the perfect army-building figure, and I am pumped to get my hands on one. All of these figures are set to release in Spring 2023, and pre-order information is unknown at this time. Most new Star Wars Celebration reveals can be found right here and stay tuned for more reveals as they come. 

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