Hasbro Star Wars Mission Fleet Sets Of Mandalorian, The Child, Ahsoka

Star Wars collectors come in all ages, so the fact that Hasbro still caters to fans of every shape and size warms my collector heart. We all have our favorites from over the years: Galactic Heroes, Galaxy of Adventures, Titan Heroes, and even going back to things like Mighty Muggs, there have always been all ages lines to choose from. Their new Star Wars Mission Fleet sets may be the best, however. Covering the entire saga, we got our hands on a Clone Wars icon and everyone's favorite bounty hunter and Child, so let's take a look at them and see why these are must-buys for any Star Wars fan.

Star Wars In A Fun Size For All

Starting with the boxes, the single pack figures come on a blister card with really cool key art of the character riding the packed in vehicle. In this case, Ahsoka is fully visible, as are her lightsabers and OMS Devilfish Sub from an underwater mission on Mon Cala during the Clone Wars. Great for MOC collectors. The more deluxe sets like the Mandalorian and The Child feature the same key art, but only the figures are visible in the corner. Other than that, the speeder bike and carrier for Baby Yoda are packed inside. Really nice job by Hasbro here, and I would understand if Star Wars collectors left these unopened.

Starting wit Ahsoka, these 2.5-inch figures have a ton of detail on them. They remind me of Star Wars Galactic Heroes a bit, only mixed well with the normal 3.75-inch line detail-wise. Each figure has five points of articulation, at the head, wrists, and legs. Some elbow articulation would have been nice, but that is more important with the Mando figure. Here, it is super easy to get Ahsoka on her vehicle and pose with her sabers. The sub even has a place to put her sabers, so there is no wasted items in the package, a huge plus for me—no complaints with this one.


The one flying off the shelves in stores is, of course, the Mandalorian and The Child. Right off the bat, I would have changed the speeder bike. When you use the inclosed piece to attach the Child's carrier, it weighs the back down, and it won't balance. It is frustrating, and while the rest of it is not bad, like how they turned the handles so that the Mando can hold them while riding, that was a big turn off. Off the bike, both are great. The Mando needed elbow articulation so he could more easily hold his large rifle. Other that that, I love the removable cape and rocket pack switch out, and his Beskar armor looks great. The Child looks like every other figure of him, but that carrier is what makes it—a perfect display piece.

Hasbro's New Mission Fleet Sets Feature Mandalorian, The Child, Ahsoka
Mandalorian and The Child

At $9.99 and $14.99, these packs are great for kids and adult Star Wars collectors alike. Even with the balance issues, getting multiple figures and a vehicle for that price with added play features make these no-brainer purchases. You can snap these up at stores now, along with a variety of other sets spanning the Star Wars saga. Go here for more info.

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