The Child is Back with New The Mandalorian Moving Plush from Mattel

Mando Mondays have arrived, and that means a massive amount of new products for The Mandalorian. During the streaming vent, Mattel's newest Star Wars The Child collectible was revealed. The Child Real Moves Plush stands 11 inches tall and will feature a unique set of sounds and motion. With moving head, ears, eye, and arms, this figure will bring you a new favorite character from The Mandalorian to life. He will be able to be controlled by a special wrist communicator that can be attached to the collectors' wrist to turn yourself into Mando. There will be four different play modes with The Child that will have this little guy exploring your entire house as you go on your own adventure. Other accessories that will also be included in the Mandalorian pendant and a special exclusive lithograph that fans will not want to miss out.

This is an adorable figure to be revealed for Mando Mondays, and we expect some more great Mattel reveals in the coming future weeks. The Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Real Moves Plush will be priced at $59.99 and is set to release in Fall 2020. This Plush is set to be exclusive and will be able to be acquired through Disney Parks and Disney Stores. Pre-orders are set to release today, October 26, 2020, at 4 PM EST, and he will be found located here, so make sure you secure the bounty before it is too late.

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Real Moves Plush

SRP: $69.99 | 3Y+ | Available at Fall 2020

  • Fully embrace the cuteness of the 50-year-old Yoda species with this adorable 11-inch plush toy that includes motion and sound features.
  • The Child Real Moves Plush has realistic motions which bring The Child to life, including moving its head, ears, and arm, as well as its adorable shuffle.
  • Four different play modes will have The Child moving all over the house, while making authentic sounds from the show.
  • The Child Real Moves Plush also comes with a Mandalorian pendant, plus gift-with-purchase lithograph (available only at Disney Parks & Stores).

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