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Sealed TMNT Technodome Is Taking Bids At ComicConnect

TMNT Playmates collectors would agree with the statement that the Technodrome is the be-all, end-all of the line, and the holy grail of that classic toy line. One of the biggest playsets they made, the bad guy's vehicle is exceedingly rare to find sealed and untouched. That is exactly why this example, on auction at ComicConnect, is going to end up selling for a ton of money. As of this writing, it is only at $397, a number that is well, well below what they usually go for. The Technodrome usually sells in the $2000-3000 range sealed, if not more and depending on the quality of the box. This one looks great. Check it out down below.

Sealed TMNT Technodome Is Taking Bids At ComicConnect
Credit ComicConnect

Man, I Wish I Still Had My Childhood Technodrome

"Original Still Sealed 1990 Technodrome; RARE. Original, 1990 Playmates Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Technodrome, still sealed in its original packaging, the box has minor shelf wear but is in otherwise excellent condition. This item comes from Mirage Group CEO Gary Richardson, who has worked with Eastman and Laird for decades and includes his COA. The Technodrome vehicle/playset was the mecca of Turtles Toys and sits proudly alongside the Sewer Playset and the Pizza Thrower as one of the most beloved toys in the original release. Originally priced at $50, the outside of the toy is very accurate to its show appearance, complete with four rolling tank tread-like wheels, a giant eye that can detach from the top and bowl over its enemies, and rock blasters. Much like other toys in the line, the major details lied with the many decals applied to the playset."

I have always wanted to replace my childhood one, as my father threw away mine when I was off at SDCC one year. But it is probably outside my price range at this point. If this Technodrome is not out of your range, go here to get more info and place a bid. While there, click through what else is taking bids right now.

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