Topps Exclusive Star Trek Spock and Klingon Kor Mega Figures Revealed

Last week, it was revealed that Topps would be the new home to some exclusive Mega figures from a variety of franchises. This would consist of Superheroes, Horror, Pop Culture, Sci-Fi, and they kicked off the event with DC Comics Shazam and Black Adam. These exclusive Mego figures, are only available through Topps, and each drop will only be up for one week, and then they will vanish as new figures drop on Mondays. This week we are going to Space, the Final Frontier, as two iconic characters from Star Trek is back for the newest wave of Mega Topps releases.

This Star Trek release will consist of Spock and the Klingon known as Korin glorious 8" format. They will feature screen accurate detail for their retrospective appearances as well as a nice card-backed release. Star Trek fans will not want to miss out on owning these awesome Topps exclusive Mego figures, and they can get them here. Be sure to buy yours before time runs out, and be sure to keep an out next week for the next exclusive drop.

"Mego continues its storied history with the iconic Star Trek brand by bringing the fan favorite Mr. Spock to action figure collectors and Trek fans alike! Spock is beaming his way back into Megoverse in the classic 8' Mego style! Starfleet station, Epsilon Nine, detects an alien entity, within a massive cloud of energy, hurdling through space towards Earth. The reunited crew of the Enterprise, with Commander Spock, are on an intercept course, Can Commander Spock and Admiral Kirk stop V'ger's destructive path? "Any show of resistance would be futile, Captain."

Now you can reenact your favorite moments from the first Star Trek movie with this all-new Commander Spock 8' classically styled Mego action figure! Spock is outfitted in his screen accurate Starfleet Command uniform and accessories as seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. "V'Ger must evolve. Its knowledge has reached the limits of this universe and it must evolve."

Mego continues its exploration of strange new worlds, with the iconic Star Trek brand, by bringing the legendary Klingon Commander – Kor to action figure collectors and Trek fans alike! Kor battles his way through the Mego Quadrant for the first time ever! Kor, one of most respected warriors and influential military leaders of the Klingon Empire, is tasked with overtaking primitive civilizations. Can Kirk and Spock stop Kor and the Klingon Empire? "You do not like to be pushed. Very good. You may be a man I can deal with."

Mego is raiding the halls of Sto-vo-kor to bring the all-new 8" classically styled Kor action figure to life! Kor is outfitted in his screen accurate uniform and accessories as seen in the 1967 episode of Star Trek, "Errand of Mercy". "Here we are on a planet of sheep, two tigers, predators, hunters… "

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