Transformers Optimus Prime Replica Helmet Coming From Modern Icons

Help stop the Decepticon invasion of Earth and become the Leader of the Autobot with the newest creation from Modern Icons and Hasbro. Modern Icons has been creating a lot of replicas lately, with the debut of their G.I Joe Cobra and Snake Eyes helmets. These helmets were a huge hit with collectors, but the 80's fun does not stop with Joe. The team is returning us back to Generation 1 as they announce their new Transformers Optimus Prime Replica Helmet. Unlike the G.I. Joe helmets, this one will feature added extras like light-up functionality, sounds, and phrases. Transformers fans can now take the fight to the enemy and save Earth from total destruction with this fun replica collectible.

The biggest feature that will make this Transformers collectible stand out more than most is the electronic features. It is unclear if these rare sound bits from the G1 cartoon or not, but if it is, then fans will not want to miss out on this. The Transformers Optimus Prime Modern Icons Replica Helmet is priced at $129.99. This helmet is a GameStop Exclusive and Optimus is set to roll out in August 2021 with pre-orders are live and located here. With the release of Optimus, I am curious if we will see other popular Transformers helmets in the future like Megatron and Bumblebee. Who would you want to see an electronic replica helmet for in the future?

"Modern Icons and Hasbro are proud to present the Optimus Prime Replica Transformers Helmet. Inspired by the Generation 1 version of Optimus Prime as seen in the Transformers 80's cartoon, this GameStop exclusive, with unique design, is a fully wearable helmet with light-up eyes and authentic sounds and phrases. This legacy-inspired piece will add to any avid fan's Transformers collection."

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