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McFarlane Debuts BBTS Exclusive 3,000 Piece The Joker The Criminal 
Cowabunga, turtle fans, Super7 is back with an impressive new Super Cyborg release Get ready to skate on through the sewers of nostalgia with Super7's latest masterpiece: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Super Cyborg Krang Android! That is right; the Krang are back from Dimension X once more with this impressive new figure that stands[...]
Power Rangers Green Ranger Glows with Super7’s New Ultimates Figure
Super7 has unveiled Wave 5 of their growing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates line We have already seen a few of the figures, like Tommy Oliver as the Green Ranger, but with a new glow in the dark deco On top of that, Bulk and Skull are ready for more misadventures in Angel Grove with[...]
Power Rangers Green Ranger Glows with Super7’s New Ultimates Figure
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, and Super7 to keep the party going A new wave of Ultimates figures are here, and two of them have never received collectibles before as Bulk and Skull have arrived That is right; the Angel Grove bullies are finally here right from the first[...]
Power Rangers Green Ranger Glows with Super7’s New Ultimates Figure
It is time for more Mighty Morphin Power Rangers action as Super7 is back with a new wave of Ultimates figures A new version of the Green Ranger is back as Super7 captures Tommy Oliver from a very specific episode titled The Green Candle Tommy has broken Rita Repulsa's spell and has claimed the Dragon[...]
McFarlane Toys Debuts New Batman: White Knight Sketch Edition Statue 
Voltron is back as Super7 has unveiled a new ULTIMATES! figure is on the way with a new design This cosmic hero debuted back in the 1980s during the hit animated television series Voltron: Defender of the Universe Our gigantic hero is created by five lion-shaped vehicles that can combine together, forming this space defender[...]
Slice and Dice with Factory Entertainment’s Deathstroke Replica Sword
Hogarth Hughes and The Iron Giant are ready for more adventures with Super7's newest figure The Iron Giant is a beloved animated film that tells the tale of a young boy named Hogarth who finds a giant robot that has arrived from outer space The Iron Giant was released in 1999, but it takes place[...]
Mars Attacks Ultimates Figures On The Way From Super7
The begging has stopped, as Super7 has revealed they will make Ultimates figures The first wave of Ultimates will feature two figures: a regular Martian soldier and a battle-damaged one with a gnarly head wound These are based on the old Topps card set from the 60's not the film from 1996 Both will be[...]
Sink Your Teeth Into Super7’s New Full Color Nosfertu Ultimates Figure
A new Universal Monster has arrived from the 50s as Super7 brings back a classic creature for their Ultimates line Debuting back in 1955, the science fiction film This Island Earth introduced the world to a new space horror The terrifying Metaluna Mutants are back and like never before with Super7's new Hollywood Monsters Wave[...]
Sink Your Teeth Into Super7’s New Full Color Nosfertu Ultimates Figure
Fans have started to see more and more collectibles of these iconic vampires come to life, including some from Super7 Nosferatu already has his very own Ultimates black and white release, but now he is coming to life with some color This bloodsucker will come with three swappable heads, four pairs of hands, a set[...]
Cobra pop-up store SDCC 2023.
Super7 is not your average toy company, and the fans love them for it Since SDCC is a home show for them, they typically go all out with their booth and offerings, but these last few SDCCs, they have held pop-up shops at their San Diego location about ten minutes from the convention center This[...]
Super7 Reveals All Of Their SDCC Exclusives For The Show
Super7 considers SDCC a hometown show, as they should They have an excellent store about a ten-minute walk from the convention center So, they always go above and beyond with their exclusives for the show This year is no different, as they spent a couple of weeks teasing and revealing them Here, we will put[...]
Thundercats Ultimates Wave Latest Wave Revealed As Cat's Lair Looms
Each figure will run you $55, and if you preorder directly from Super7 themselves, you will get an exclusive heads pack Check them out below. Credit Super7 Thundercats Collectors: What A Time To Be Alive The latest wave of ThunderCats ULTIMATES! features vintage-toy-inspired versions of the ancient warriors Jaga and Grune the Destroyer with unique interchangeable heads, as[...]
TMNT Ultimates Wave 10 Adds Karai, Moves Rat King To Wave 11
TMNT collectors went through it the last couple of weeks with Super7 If you remember, we told you about wave 10 of the Ultimates line going up for preorder about a month ago That wave was supposed to include a Mirage version of Casey Jones, Ninja April, and Rocker Leo, and Rat King Rat King[...]
GI Joe Ultimates Wave 4 Up For Preorder From Super7
GI Joe Ultimates felt like a myth for a long time, but now that we finally have wave one in hand, Super7 has put wave four up for order This is also the first wave to have a bonus for preordering directly through them, as a weapons pack will be included with preorder The wave,[...]
Disney’s The Rescuers Comes to Life with Super7 ULTIMATES Line 
Super7 has been tackling a lot of properties lately with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, G.I Joe, and even Disney Their new line of Disney figures has been a real treat with some uncommon releases like Pinocchio, Prince John, The Big Bad Wolf, and even Alice in Wonderland It looks like their collection is continuing[...]
TMNT Ultimates Wave 10 Revealed And Up For Preorder At Super7
Also worth noting: if you preorder with Super7 themselves, they are offering free domestic shipping in the US. Credit Super7 TMNT Ultimates Wave 10 Details When the battle between good and evil unfolds in the sewers under New York City, it's bound to create some unique personalities! Super7's latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ULTIMATES! Includes TMNT Classic Rocker[...]
Thundercats Wave 8 Revealed By Super7, Up For Preorder Now
Thundercats fans have been bombarded by Super7 as of late, and we love every second of it The waves are finally caught up; we have an abundance of figures to put in our Thundertanks, which have also been arriving the last couple of weeks I got mine and cannot believe how special it is In[...]
Exclusive TMNT Glow in the Dark Slash Figure Revealed by Super7
Your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles glow in the dark collection is getting a new addition with Slash! That is right, releasing exclusions through the Super7 online shop, the TMNT Ultimates Slash is ready and ready to embrace the Mutagen! Coming in at 7" tall, this chaotic turtle features a brand new all glow in the[...]
Super7 Unveils Voltron Defender Of The Universe Galaxy (Black & Gold)
The true Defender of the Universe is back as Super7 unveils a brand new Made-to-Order Voltron figure A more intense version of the infamous bot has arrived with the Galaxy Black Voltron ULTIMATES! Say goodbye to that white deco and say hello to a slick exclusive black and metallic gold color scheme This Voltron means[...]
The Worst Ultimates Wave Three Up For Order From Super7
The Worst is one of Super7's best creations; combining pulp heroes and sensibilities with horror and turning them into action figures is one of the smartest ideas, and now that they have busted out of their ReAction bubble and joined the Ultimates line, they are even better Wave three is now up for order, featuring[...]
Notorious B.I.G. Comes to Super7’s Popular ULTIMATES! Line
joins Super7's Ultimates line! That is right; your collection is about to get a Juicy upgrade with this new release Coming in at 7" tall, Notorious B.I.G is fully articulated and detailed, bringing the iconic Hip-Hop legend to life right before your eyes Super7 has captured him in one of his iconic looks with his[...]
Conan the Barbarian Becomes King with Next Super7 Ultimates Release 
The King returns as Super7 kicks off pre-orders for their latest Conan the Barbarian Ultimates figure The ruler of Aquilonia returns to his throne as King Conan is ready for his next journey Inspired by the end-credits of Conan the Barbarian, this 7" scale figure features a soft goods pelt and cape, swappable heads, as[...]
TMNT Ultimates Wave 9 Revealed By Super7, Up For Preorder
Check them out below and preorder right here. Credit Super7 TMNT Ultimates Wave 9 Figures "Featuring a peacenik teen from Dimension X, a hoopster in a half-shell, a dynamic alien duo, a mutant cockroach, and a certain fuzzy ninja master, it's the latest wave of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ULTIMATES! The made-to-order 7" scale TMNT ULTIMATES! Figures of[...]
Star Trek Ultimates Wave 1 Up For Order From Super7
Orders are open through Super7 until December 2nd; each figure will run you $55 Check them out below. Credit Super7 Star Trek Ultimates Wave 1 Details Super7's latest ULTIMATES! are ready to beam into your collection! Introducing Star Trek: The Next Generation ULTIMATES! Wave 1, featuring Lieutenant Commander Data, Guinan, Commander Riker, and Locutus of Borg! Super7 is taking[...]
Thundercats Wave 7 Revealed By Super7, Up For Preorder
Thundercats fans should be thrilled with the preorder going up for wave 7 from Super7 today, but instead, we are scratching our heads While the wave itself is great, as four new characters are added to our shelves- Snarf, Willa, Mongor, and Ratar-O, it is the price points that these figures are at that have[...]
Nightmare Before Christmas Ultimates Revealed By Super7
The Nightmare Before Christmas was destined to get the Ultimates treatment from Super7, and today they revealed a heavy-hitter first wave of three figures Jack Skellington, Sally, and Oogie Boogie will make up the wave, with each in the standard Ultimates scale and loaded with a bevy of accessories, all housed in the standard Ultimates[...]
Child’s Play 2 Bloody Chucky ReAction Figure Debuts from Super7
Your favorite horror films are popping back up, and Super7 is giving fans another new collectible of their deadly collection Coming out of Child's Play 2, Chucky is back and ready to slice and dice with a new ReAction figure Chucky is back and as bloody as ever with a new figure based on his[...]
TMNT Ultimates Wave 8 Revealed By Super7, Up For Order Now
TMNT Ultimates wave 8 is now up for preorder from Super7, and the big figure in this wave is their release of Genghis Frog He will be joined by Robotic Rocksteady, a silver version of Shredder, and Astronaut Raph Each comes with a plethora of accessories specific to each character, and I would be lying[...]
Pennywise Gets A Bloody Upgrade with New ReAction Super7 Variant 
Super7 is back at it again as they continue to expand their widely popular ReAction figure line To this day, I still think horror does not get a lot of time in the spotlight, and I would imagine that is because it is only set for a certain set of collectors However, the horror fandom[...]
The Exorcist Vomit Splattered ReAction Horror Figure Arrives from Super7
Horror fans never really get justice when it comes to collectibles as they only really arrive in October, but thankfully we have horror fans at Mezco Toyz and Super7 that want some year-round horror Super7 has been unveiling new spooky collectibles each week as they started their Countdown to Boodega event Their newest release takes[...]