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The Exorcist Vomit Splattered ReAction Horror Figure Arrives from Super7
Horror fans never really get justice when it comes to collectibles as they only really arrive in October, but thankfully we have horror fans at Mezco Toyz and Super7 that want some year-round horror Super7 has been unveiling new spooky collectibles each week as they started their Countdown to Boodega event Their newest release takes[...]
Super7 SDCC Exclusives Bring GI Joe, Thundercats, More To Show
Super7 is one of the best toy companies around, my personal favorite, and a fixture of SDCC Their booth is always fun, but it is their store eight blocks away from the show that is always a must-visit while in the city They usually have a pop-up where they turn their store into a big[...]
TMNT Super7 Mutagen Ooze Glow Ultimates Up For Preorder
TMNT Ultimates collectors have a new bundle to consider right now, as Super7 has put up for order a four-pack set of Raph, Donnie, Leo, and Mikey, this time all in what they are calling a "Mutagen Ooze" glow style Basically, these are the original releases; only they glow in the dark Each figure comes[...]
Simpsons Ultimates Wave Three Up For Order From Super7
Simpsons Ultimates wave three s now up for order from Super7, and this wave has some heavy hitters in it My favorite is Ralph Wiggum, and seeing him in the Ultimates figures is wild Mr Burns, Kang, and Kodos finish out the wave with him, with each loaded to the gills with character's specific accessories[...]
Toxic Crusaders Ultimates Wave 3 Up For Order From Super7
Toxic Crusaders fans have been hounding Super7 to do more figures from their beloved line, and today they got their wish, as three more Ultimates were put up for order An epic version of Toxie, Junkyard and Radiation were all revealed, all coming with tons of accessories and in the classic Ultimates packaging The 90's[...]
Godzilla 1995 & Mechagodzilla Join Super7's Toho Ultimates Line
Godzilla fans have two more additions to the new Toho Ultimates line from Super7 The company has opened preorders on Godzilla 1995, or "burning Godzilla" as many call him, and Mechagodzilla, surely one of the most anticipated figures when the line was first teased Each figure is over eight inches tall, with Mecha clocking in[...]
Lightyear Gets A Super Cool Early Bird ReAction Kit From Super7
Lightyear is hitting theaters in a couple of weeks, and in one of the coolest announcements in the lead-up to the film, Super7 has revealed a really cool Early Bird ReAction figure kit for the film Playing off the Early Bird kit from Kenner and Star Wars in the '70s, this set includes first cracks[...]
Thundercats Ultimates Wave 6 Revealed By Super7
Thundercats Ultimates Wave 6 was just revealed by Super7, and it has some scratching their heads The entire four-figure wave is based on the characters looks from the old, iconic LJN toy line Four figures- Lion-O, Mumm-Ra The Ever-Living, Cheetara, and Monkian are the four that make up the wave, all as they looked in[...]
Czarface Makes a Superhero Landing at Super7 with New Ultimates Figure
Czarface comes to life like never before as Super7 debuts their newest music-inspired figure Hip Hop artists Esoteric, 7L, and Inspectah Deck from Wu-Tang Clan built Czarface with their mascot being the focus on their albums, similar to Eddie from Iron Maiden Super7 has released a 3.75" version of this character before but now he[...]
The Foot Clan Lights Up the Night with New Super7 TMNT Exclusive 
It is time for the Foot Clan to light up the night with Super7 and their newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figure Coming out of their widely popular ULTIMATES line, the Foot Soldiers are back with a new and online exclusive figure The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) Foot Soldier will now glow in the[...]
Silverhawks Ultimates Wave 3 Revealed By Super7, Preorder Live
Silverhawks Ultimates wave 3 has been revealed by Super7, as we all anxiously await waves one and two to ship to us No matter, we have waited for eons for this kind of line for Silverhawks, and wave three adds four more characters to our shelves Mo-Lec-U-Lar, Commander Stargazer, Hotwing, and Mumbo-Jumbo are the four[...]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates Wave 3 Revealed By Super7
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates wave 3 has been revealed by Super7 this afternoon, and preorders are now live This wave will have four figures, a Zord, and even a throne to purchase Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Finster, and Lord Zedd will be the four new figures joining the line this time, and for Zedd,[...]
GI Joe PSA Collection Revealed By Super7, Up For Order Now
What a cool idea, but that is to be expected from Super7 Check it all out below, and the whole collection is available to order right here. Credit Super7 GI Joe PSA Collection From Super7 "The G.I Joe animated series was famous for its Public Service Announcements at the end of each episode, but over time, some of[...]
The Lost Boys Return With New Super7 ReAction David Figures
I always want Kenner-style figures of the '70s and 80's properties, though, and luckily enough, Super7 is more than happy to oblige me more often than not They recently announced that there are two figures of David coming to ReAction, both a human and vampire edition They were kind enough to send them over to[...]
GI Joe Ultimates Wave Three Revealed By Super7, Preorders Open
GI Joe Ultimates wave three has been revealed by Super7, again full of heavy-hitters, surprises, and army builders Scarlett, Storm Shadow, Doc, and the Cobra Trooper will all be joining the line, each coming with more accessories than you would ever know what to do with, and all housed in that familiar and awesome Ultimates[...]