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Transformers Ultimates Wave 3 Revealed By Super7...Alligaticon?!?
Transformers Ultimates wave 3 is now up for preorder from Super7, and boy, no fan can complain so far about the character choices This line is going pretty deep with those, and you don't need to look any further than this wave to understand that The four figures coming in this wave include G1 Wreck-Gar,[...]
HasLab, Ultimates, Figure Preorders...When Will Collectors Cry Uncle?
There are three HasLab projects all going at the same time right now, and even with that happening Super7 announced their TMNT Party Wagon, with a $450 price tag If you backed all three hasLab projects right now, you would be out another $1000. HasLab Projects HasLab, Mattel, Super7, NECA, Sideshow, Mezco…The List Is Long Those are not[...]
TMNT Ultimates Party Wagon Up For Order Form Super7
Super7 is now taking orders for their Ultimates version of the famed Party Wagon This is one of the most iconic vehicles in the history of action figures, and they certainly have done it justice This version is 20.25L x 13.8H x 12.5W inches and able to comfortably hold six TMNT figures inside The roof[...]
TMNT Super7 Ultimates Raph In Trench Coat Up For Preorder At BBTS
TMNT's line of Super7 Ultimates is expanding more, as a new exclusive figure has been revealed at Big Bad Toy Store It is Raphael in Trench Coat, and he is up for preorder right now Raph comes with two heads, one being the classic toy version like all these Super7 Ultimates He will also come[...]
GI Joe Ultimates Wave 2 Up For Order From Super7
GI Joe Ultimates wave 2 is now up for preorder from Super7, featuring four heavy-hitter characters This new wave will features Flint and Lady Jaye on the Joes side and the Baroness and Destro on the Cobra side These are based on their looks from the classic 80's cartoon A Real American Hero That is[...]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates Wave 2 Revealed By Super7
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates wave 2 has been revealed by Super7, and it is one of the strongest waves in any Ultimates line My goodness, every figure is a heavy-hitter, including this waves Zord The five figures making up wave two include the MMPR Red Ranger, MMPR Pink Ranger, Rita Repulsa, Sphinx, and the[...]
Godzilla Glows With New Super7 Exclusive Figure, On Sale Today
Godzilla and Super7 are a match made in heaven, and they have barely scratched the surface together so far As we all patiently await their first Ultimates reveals for the big green guy, we will continue to get ReAction figures it seems Going on sale today is the second exclusive of the year, this one[...]
TMNT Super7 Ultimates Wave 6 Preorders Are Live
TMNT Ultimates Wave 6 have been revealed by Super7 this morning, and five new figures are coming in this latest wave Well, kinda Ace Duck, Slash, Sewer Surfin Mikey, and Scratch will join the line this time The fifth is a pack of Mousers that also comes with bonus accessories So, five total figures if[...]
The Simpsons Ultimates Figures Up For Preorder At Super7
The Simpsons are getting the Ultimate treatment from Super7 The first wave of figures, teased earlier this week, is now up for preorder and includes Spaceman Homer, Robot Itch & Scratchy, Poochie, and Moe An odd wave, to say the least, though four of the figures are episode-specific Each will come with all of the[...]
SilverHawks #1 CGC Graded 9.6 Copy Is Taking Bids At Heritage Auctions
Not only is a new toy line coming from Super7, but a new animated series is on the way as well There are even some rumblings that there could be a possibility of a live-action film We just need Tigersharks to complete the threesome and get the ultimate 80's cartoon film series between that and[...]
Super7 Exclusive Godzilla, Evil Dead ReAction Figures Are Such A Joy
Super7, as I have said for years now, is my favorite toy company From Ultimates to ReAction and everything in between, they do a phenomenal job on their figures It has been so cool to see them grow so much over the years, gaining some dream licenses and making toys we could have only dreamed[...]
Marvel Legends Fan First Friday: Galactus HasLab Revealed, Plus More
GI Joe Ultimates were announced from Super7 yesterday, and they look glorious Just like every other Ultimates line from them, the first wave, consisting of Cobra Commander, Duke, Snake Eyes with Timber, and the B.A.T., all come loaded to the gills with accessories, and for this line, they will be cartoon accurate There are, of[...]
Silverhawks Revival In The Works With The Nacelle Company
They are teaming with Super7, who now owns the SilverHawks IP, to bring us a new version of the metal-clad heroes sometime soon The deal was reported on by Deadline. Silverhawks Credit Silverhawks LLC Great, SilverHawks Now Add Thundercats & Tigersharks "SilverHawks is a beloved franchise that has been overlooked for far too long," said Brian Flynn, Founder[...]
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ultimates Wave 1 Unveiled By Super7
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers collectors finally have a full look at the new Super7 line of Ultimates figures These will be a different scale than the Lightning Collection from Hasbro, and in trademark Super7 fashion, will come loaded to the gills with cool and unexpected accessories The first wave will consist of Goldar, the Green[...]
Silverhawks Ultimates Wave One Now Up For Preorder At Super7
Wave one Ultimates figures are now up for preorder from Super7 Long, long, long-rumored, and requested by collectors and fans, the Hawks with wings of silver, nerves of steel will come in the standard premium packaging for Ultimates Wave one will consist of Quicksilver, Steelheart, Buzzsaw, and a mammoth 11-inch version of villain Mon'Star All[...]