Tyler's Top 10 Figures List – A Plundering Battle Royale for MOTU

We are continuing our Top 10 Figure list for 2021 with a look at more figures that span the toy world. There is not a specific numbering for the list as they are all worthy #1's in their own way. We have already seen the first 4 figures on my list as Hasbro's Marvel Legends line really brought some heat and it can be found here. Jeremy also had his own picks for Top 10 Figures of 2021 here, with a huge spotlight for NECA. This time we are expanding past traditional means as we return to Eternia, enter the Battle Royale, and recruit some Pirate Goblins. Each of these lines the torch for originality and brings something unique to your toys shelves that make them worthy of 2021 Top 10 figures.

Plunderlings from Lone Coconut

My next figure is one that I have been very impressed with for quite some time with the Plunderings from Lone Coconut. These Pirate Goblins stand only 4" tall, but their articulation, originality, and design make them stand out from everything else on the market. Originally starting as a Kickstarter campaign, Lone Coconut has expanded these figures to some online retailers, and I might only have two, but I need more. The Feral Zombone and Red Fawn Plunderings are just mischievous, photogenic, and wild critters that were created with care, and you can see it in each design. The swappable parts and added accessories changed up their display, and building up more Plunderings will be the start for your own Pirate Goblin army. Fingers crossed that more Plunderlings are in the works for 2022, and it will be nice to see more variations, colors, and unique designs arrive for the line.

Masters of the Universe Origins from Mattel

  • Tri-Klops

I never watched Masters of the Universe as a kid, as it was a little past my time, but I knew of it and it's popularity. Mattel brought back the MOTU name with their Origins line that gave modern articulation to these classic figures. After some samples came across my desk, I was instantly hooked, and now, every time I see a new one on store shelves, I need to add it to my collection. One that I was dying to get my hands on was Tri-Klops as I always appreciated his design and after the MOTU: Origins He-Man, I knew I needed one. The modern articulation added new elements to these MOTU figures and Tri-Klops rotating visor and sword can easily make him the hero of the story, even if he is a bad guy. I cannot wait to see what Mattel has in store for 2022, and I am excited to get my hands on more of these revised figures.

Fortnite Victory Royale Series from Hasbro

Hasbro's Victory Royale Collection was a line I was anxiously awaiting and not because I am a fan of the game. Yes, I did play Fortnite when it was popular, but it got old and a little out of my league. However, Epic Games put a lot of heart into their original character designs and Hasbro makes them figures like never before with this 6" line up. The first wave has already dropped, and Lynx was one of the figures I desperately wanted as it was a player skin I worked to acquire. After opening up Lynx, I taken away by the amount of articulation and a fantastic design that was put into this figure. She comes with Back Bling, a Pickaxe, and a P-90 gun, and collectors can do so much with just these. It is her articulation that makes her really standout and her slick cat design make her a perfect figure to army build your own assassin company. The Fortnite Victory Royale line will continue and I have high hopes that more and more collectors will jump in on this line in 2022.

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