10,000 Years To Life – An Exclusive Preview Of Zander Cannon's Kaijumax #2

This month saw Oni Press' release of two-time Eisner winner Zander Cannon's fantastic new ongoing series entitled Kaijumax. For those of you who don't know, Kaijumax #1 followed the story of main character and new inmate, Electrogor. He is ripped away from his family and taken to a maximum-security prison, Kaijumax, which holds the worst monsters away from the rest of the human world. Villains, anti-heroes, eco-parables, and nuclear metaphors are all included.

Zander Cannon shared his thoughts on the series by saying:

The story is about how one character feels about another, what they owe them, what power they have over them, and so forth. That's everything in a prison, and for me that ties everything in the story together. It's easy enough to string together a bunch of events and give them a good beginning and end, but the little incidental meetings and conversations are where I think — I hope — you will find the story's heart and depth.

You can read the rest of the Bleeding Cool interview here. After a successful first issue, Bleeding Cool has the honor of sharing an exclusive 8-page preview of Kaijumax #2, which will focus on Gupta, the most morally flexible guard at Kaijumax. As he discovers a way to supplement his drug income before the Queen of the Moon loses her patience for his unpaid debts.

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