157 Things We Learned About New York Comic Con 2015

From Joe Glass, Paul Gullas, Adam Wolfe, Chuck Brouillette, Dan Celko, Madeline Ricchiuto, Christine Marie, Richard Epstein, Sofia Annunziata, June Vigants, Endymion Mageto, Alejandra Bodden, Octavio Karbank, Ray Flook, Richard Epstein, Derek Trum, Rich Johnston and Hannah Means-Shannon, for Bleeding Cool.

1. When booking accommodation, really make sure you know the area and hotel well.
2. Artists Alley seems to be getting more popular than the show floor a bit. With the show floor becoming a lot more merch tables and industry stuff, AA is the real place to find creators and is getting crazy popular as a result.
3. New York is nooks and crannies, compared to San Diego's wide open spaces, far better for secretive conversations.
4. Grumpy Cat draws a bigger crowd than Frank Miller.
5. Frank Miller isn't grumpy , he has a big beaming smile.

20151010_1609356. Comixology are some of the friendliest people in comics and are super supportive of new and emerging talent. That being said, their trivia quizzes are fiendishly and sadistically difficult.
7. Prism Comics are also super supportive of new talent and queer talent, and have a wonderful assortment of volunteers and staff.
8. After five exclusive cocktails at SkinTight USA, you'll do anything.
9. The Marvel party will make you lose all sense and stay out all night and be wrecked in the morning.
10. NYCC really doesn't like cosplay weapons… or broomsticks.
11. Free LexCorp WiFi? Hmm, if this was a plan to make us hate Lex Luthor, then it succeeded (I still followed him on Twitter for the free charger).
12. Rule 63 (opposite gender) cosplay is huge this year.
13. A portable battery charger is a must, especially if you have multiple devices.
14. The area near the new Hudson Yards subway station is fantastic for Poison Ivy or wood elf cosplay photos.
15. Having the separate outdoors exit "hallway" from Artists Alley is a great idea.
16. The Times Square or 5th Avenue subway stations (the ones immediately after Hudson Yards) have great WiFi for uploading your cosplay pics in a pinch.
17. The Chewbacca-flavored (or "spiced latte") CoffeeMate in the press area is delicious.
18. Planting yourself in 1A06 on a Friday afternoon is a great way of learning about some new TV shows, such as The Man in the High Castle and Angie Tribeca (reports forthcoming).
19. It wasn't just DC who didn't have a proper booth. Boom! Studios were rather absent as well.
20. WATCH YOUR BAGS OF MERCH (and/or cosplay outfit) WHEN GOING UP/DOWN THE ESCALATOR. As I was coming up from the subway just now while trying to think of a #10 for this list, I witnessed near-disaster as someone ahead of me had their flimsy bag get caught in a crack and tore apart, spilling stacks of postcards, bottles of water and comics all over the moving steps. Thankfully we all managed to grab everything before they got shredded by the gears, killing us all #HERO.
21. Tim Seeley and Tom King think Dick Grayson is sexier than Poison Ivy.
22. Greg Capullo doesn't think flowers are scary. Scott Snyder does. And likes Dick…..Grayson
23. NYCC is the only time of year I don't despise children.
24. Frank Cho. Is somewhere at the show. Where he go? No one know.
25. Valiant were forced to lower their banner as it was higher than 451 Media behind them. And people kept coming up to 451 Media asking if they were Valiant.
26. Jessica Nigri knows how to save a party
27. DC fans are much more organized for photo shoots
28. No one can make you cringe quite like a Deadpool cosplayer's improv
29. One does not simply walk into artist alley and not spend money
30. If you hear the Jurassic park theme long enough, it will infiltrate every thought, every dream, and synchronize your heart beat to it.
31. DC had an "eye in the sky" booth that the public could not gain admittance to. But, at least they had a booth.
32. There's a rough area of Brooklyn with a relative crime null zone housing a hotel.
33. Always let the line attendants scan you out.
34. I still have the knack for navigating a gnarly show room.
35. I often feel sad when I see people sitting on the floor eating.
36. There's a Latin Interior Designer from Upstate who fashioned himself
a kick-ass Hawkman costume.
37. Someone would make a killing (at least off me) if they set up a booth
offering to pack & ship home all the sh_t that you purchase at the show.
38. The Press Room may allow you the opportunity to break from the dance (show room) floor, but only getting out of the building entirely can really clear your head.
39. Hannah is a fellow Libra.
40. Joe Glass & Dan Celko are sound sleepers.
41. Robert Kirkman walked past Rich Johnston talking about their upcoming Skybound/Alan Moore project. What a tease!
42. Joe Glass is apparently on his way to becoming a name in the comic industry.
43. The Warframe community is one of the most dedicated in gaming… also one of the strangest.
44. The cast and crew of RWBY could not possibly be any more awesome.
45. It's important to remember to breathe when trying to hold in your fanboy during an interview.
46. White body paint is now back due to Fury Road.
47. Volante Design has the best apparel available at NYCC.48. External batteries for phones are a MUST.
49. Your ability to power through a hangover at a convention is directly proportional to your heart-attack-in-a-can(Energy Drink) tolerance.
50. While there is much risk, there is little shame in finding a nice corner to curl up in for a 20 minute nap.
51. Sitting on panel lines is the best place to get work done.
52. I should have been reading Kill Shakespeare years ago.
53. BC writer Dan Celko is a terrible influence.
54. A Women Of Marvel panel without Kelly Sue DeConnick was very very strange.
55. Free stuff is always the best stuff.
56. Cat-octopus combination Tentacle Kitty is goddamn adorable.
57. In the battle of sleep vs socialization, sleep wins hands-down.
58. There are never enough outlets.
59. Robin War will ruin my life.
60. Netflix Daredevil cosplayers are almost indistinguishable from Zorro cosplayers.
61. Brooke Allen believes in Banana Boats now.
62. Declan Shalvey and Antony Johnston are super fun to chat with.
63. Jim Zub is one of the most passionate creators I have ever met.
64. Hannah Means-Shannon is an epic superhero/mentor to have.
65. Rich Johnston is full of wisdom and excellent advice about what to do before you turn forty.
66. Allison Herrighty should always make your PB&J sandwiches.
67. Jennifer Morrison has the ability to make a person speechless when in her Dark Swan presence.
68. Press Room coffee tastes better with C-3PO creamer.
69. Dodging elbows and backpacks is an art.
70. When in doubt, name drop.
71. Good things happen in Nathan Fillion's kitchen.
72. People actually like Gotham.
73. ReedPop will never figure out how to distribute wristbands.
74. Jessica Jones has a lot to live up to with a big comic following and the success of Daredevil last year. It does not disappoint in the least.
75. People will act like all sorts of fools for anything "free."
76. The "DJ" between panels in the Main and Empire Stage only has about 6 songs on his iphone. And he plays those same six songs between every panel.
77. Comic Con involves a lot of waiting around, standing, until your feet feel like they will fall off. Then a panel starts or you make it to the floor and you forget all about the pain.
78. Charles Soule is not only writing 7 comics a month and running a law firm, but he is also in a band. It is called The Charles Soule Band. His scripts are still all on time though.
79. There is nothing better than getting to the floor as soon as the Con opens, when it's not too crowded.
80. Waiting a whole year for another Con sucks.
81. Teenage Fangirls are ravenous and will possibly murder you to get free books
82. HarperCollins publishing company does not like to give away free books
83. Vin Diesel plays Dungeons and Dragons
84. If Image creators don't turn up to an Image party (and public entrance is $5 more than it said in publicity) is it actually an Image party?
85. Valiant's Faith is the new fan-favourite character.
86. Some of the best cosplay photos come when the people aren't posing
87. No matter what, as soon as you enter the Javits Center, you will be hungry
88. The con seems bigger and more crowded than ever this year
89. Jake Wyatt is one of the most friendly people on this earth and knows real stuff about gender politics in anime.
90. Pretty sure Robert Wilson IV has a portrait in an attic.
91. Babs Tarr, Kevin Wada, and Kris Anka are my favorite pop superstar trio.
92. Matthew Rosenberg can make a sick ass mix tape.
93. Brooke Allen is a drawing beast and has a slayer fashion sense.
94. The Marty McFly to Deadpool ratio was incredibly in favor of the former and I'm so glad.
95. Bill Cypher might have more cosplay incarnations than Cecil Baldwin.
96. Dark Horse's Aub Driver is still the coolest man in comics.
97. Geeks Out is one of the best things to ever happen to nerddom and their pronoun stickers kick ass.
98. Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba are genuine blessings on this mortal Earth and their smiles can heal any ailment.
99. That people numerous people will cosplay a that doesn't come out for another 8 months! (Im looking at you Suicide Squad Harley)
100. Sometimes it's better to be good on Friday night, so you can cause more havoc Saturday.
101. Conventions are really the worst place to do formal cosplay photoshoots
102. That the Flash can beat Sonic in a foot race (I have the video to prove it)
103. Even if you host a party with a famous cosplayer, announce there will be a costume contest, and have a line in the invite that says "cosplay is encouraged but not required" some one will still email you and ask is it ok to cosplay at your party. (I have the email to prove it)
104. Photography is not consent
105. It is possible to actually see Rich in the wild at a convention and not just at the BC meetups!
106. People refuse to move with any sense of urgency.
107. Commissions will drain your wallet!
108. Not all commissions are worth the money you pay.
109. Fanboys are a superstitious and cowardly lot.
110. The most unassuming person there could end up being a United Nations representative.
111. Talk to everyone. You never know who you'll end up meeting.
112. Carry business cards. Lots and lots of business cards. Give business cards to everyone. Everyone you talk to, give one to them.
113. 451 Media were handing out motion comic codes on cards.
114. Don't bring a rolling suitcase onto the convention floor. you'll end up running over more feet than you'd like to.
115. Getting into the Main-Stage panels can be a much easier experience than you'd imagine.
116. Frank Cho gives the most generous and thoughtful fruit baskets.
117. Robbie Rodriguez has the most magical hair.
118. The cast of Firefly is as perfect as every Browncoat has ever imagined!
119. It's a long way from Penn Station to Times Square in heels.
120. Artist Alley is still the best place in the universe… it is so awesome to see that more and more people see to think that, too!
121. ReedPop's/Javits Center's Security response to issues and concerns is fast, friendly, professional, and on point.
122. Lance Fensterman is probably the best panel moderator ever!
123. Progressive's Protectorcorn idea? Genious! Nothing as whimsical as fairy unicorns.
124. Whitney Pollett and Mako Fufu are the sweetest artists in the world.
125. Jimmy Palmiotti is the coolest.
126. Dennis Calero gives some of the best advice.
127. Some people think men stand pantless at the urinal.
128. Doc Brown doesn't drive "a f-cking Mustang."
129. "Geek journalism" is easier than correcting people in bars.
130. "Actually being there" is the next-best-thing to being online.
131. Seth Meyers' favorite joke of his own was one from the 2011 White House Correspondence Dinner aimed at Donald Trump and involved a running joke, a fox toupee and a family of white people named The Blacks.
132. The Awesomes were directly influenced by the Booster Gold/Blue Beetle/JLI run.
133. Gillian Anderson can working hard overseas look suspiciously like a vacation by the pool.
134. I was hit in my groinal region seven times over four days by either a lightsaber or anime-based weapon. Cosplay is not consent!
135. The only purpose that food truck served being in the middle of the lobby was to give out free food and drink from 2:00 pm to 2:03 pm.
136. ReedPOP is investigating with authorities individuals who tried to force their way into prohibited areas of the autograph section; and an outside online "hit" on their systems the day NYCC tix went on sale online.
137. Marvel and DC Comics will not have to get used to aggressive questions regarding their representation of diversity in Q&A panels and will have to answer without sounding like dicks.
138. Pinkberry is great for a snack and a place to charge your phone.
139. Sam Raimi is one of us.
140. Rick & Morty is now a cosplay thing.
141. Annie Wu is more popular than she believes.
142. Funko Pops are taking over the World.
143. Not having the "Just Dance" booth was a downgrade.
144. Jimmy Pallamotti would make a great President.
145. How many other comic books have been launched with a party at the United Nations?
146. ComiXology are now in Artists Alley, not the main floor, and loving it.
147. The Javits Center no longer has enough bathrooms for the number of people who attend. They just don't.
148. Niobe: She Is Life is going to hit hard when it is released properly.
149. The Artists Alley line for Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie was as long and as constant as the legendary line for Katie Cook.
150. Bob Wayne is looking great. Amazing what not being VP of DC Comics – Sales can do for you.
151. Cadbury's Screme Eggs make for great ice breakers.
152. If you fill the corridor to Artists Alley with vendors, don't be surprised by bottlenecks.
154. IDW Entertainment are about to unleash a lot of shows.
155. You can now get trampled in Artists Alley
156. Either I'm getting older or the parties are getting louder.
157. Waiting a whole year for another Con sucks.

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