34 Thoughts About 34 Comics – X-Men To Savage Dragon To Zombies Vs Robots…

So, another week of comics. Will you be reading your own…

MLP Holiday Special

Or, like the My Little Pony Holiday Special, will you be requiring help? I'll see what I can do…


From Red Wolf #1… say I thought he came from Secret Wars not Convergence. So we get a little time travelled.


Still folk are used to that these days, in Extraordinary X-Men. Though it's complicated…


In All-New X-Men #2 it can leave folks stranded… real fish out of water.


Yes, yes, you can get literal with X'ed #1 the new Black Mask debut.

IMG_0030 The people of Metropolis in Action Comics would make very poor bird spotters. They are forever mistaking flying things in the sky for birds. They would be better off believing that everything in the sky is Superman related and work from there.

So, anyway I guess Vandal Savage is meant to be a thing now. Everyone on board?

Trancers_2 DIGITAL-10

Even Trancers 2 realises just what a trope it all is.

Actionverse 0 Proof-15But it's not the only one knocking around today, courtesy of Actionverse #0


When you dream in Paper Girls, you dream of Reagan… and Star Wars.


Doomed in Teen Titans there, renaming Wonder Girl in the light of the nineties "riot grrl" movement.


Prez adds a letter regarding robot identification, prejudice and solidarity in modern day culture. Marvel and DC have a number of titles with lead robots or mixed-cyborgs but no openly robotic comic book creators. Though some have suspicions about Charles Soule.


You know, Rocket, the 31st century Guardians were created first… time travel would really play havoc with trademark and copyright law…IMG_0019

You know that moment when your life flashes before your eyes? What if it flashed before other people's eyes as well?

So how are your heartbeats holding up?


In Daredevil, water makes them harder to track…


In Iron Man, they mean you can't go ballistic on the ninjas.

October Faction #11

And in October Faction #11… well, it's not  really that good, is it?




Atomic Robo #4

Atomic Robo #4 has robots getting rather aggressive…

While Vision #2 prefers a little passive aggressive instead. Thirty-seven times… why am I getting flashbacks to Clerks? An exceptional comic book this one, from Marvel, that explores a very different kind of power fantasy to the usual. I mean everyone's family feels different, right?


Savage Dragon has its own issues – and also gives us one of the more shocking plot twists in a superhero comic as Malcolm and Maxine get married – but have their own baggage following them. Seriously, this is Miracleman #15 style stuff….


Especially in the middle of the ocean, in Jim Henson's Storyteller: Dragons #1, a family ripped apart. Again, there are worse family situations to find yourself in.

Angel & Faith Season 10 021-011

Angel & Faith has another family unit being put together… the family that slays together, stays together?


This must be a definition of "okay" I was previously unaware of – from Nova #2.

IMG_0028Ms Marvel, in All-New Avengers, does this so much better than Kitty Pryde did. Hand size makes such a difference when you want to make a point. Poor Nova…. it's just not his day. But if it's not Angry Birds then what is it?


Invader Zim #5 has an answer for you…

D4VE2 #4

And D4VE2 #4 has the followup.


Total Kaa moment from The Jungle Book in today's Gotham Academy.


While Batman is increasingly getting worse at keeping his secret identity on tap in Batman & Robin Eternal. Maybe he should ask Daredevil for advice….IMG_0034

From now on, Cyborg, you shall be called nothing else. The Human Tuning Fork! Oh and neat trick with your leg…
IMG_0035 It's a throwaway line in Gotham By Midnight, as that comic does Marvel's Inferno crossover. But is it just me or is there a movie, right there? Much is made of the death of young men in America as a result of gang violence. What if they all came back?


It's something that Rowans Ruin #3 knows all too well. Still there are worse ways to make an impression.

It's rare to do a double take in a car. But Replica makes it happen in this very commercial cloning society. How many yous is too many?


IXth Generation #7 … is that crosshatching or did she get some of that on her eyeball?

Pag 02 ZvsR color FINAL-1

When editr-in-chiefs let their kids writes their comic books… Chris Ryall's 9-year-old daughter has a bonus story in the final issue of Zombies vs Robots, drawn by Nico Pena and she goes right for the classic. But will he let her loose on Rom?


The Garfield 2015 Cheesy Holiday Special is a comic book with a lot of demands. But all food based.


Regular Show #30 knows the power of advertising. Oh look…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who will be hosting a signing by Burton C Bell and Noel Guard for the graphic novel The Industrialist on December 14th


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