40 Seconds #1 Review: Sci-Fi In Gorgeous Pastel Watercolors

Jeremy Haun has been a writer to watch recently with his hit series Red Mother from BOOM! Studios, and now he has a new comic over at ComiXology Originals called 40 Seconds. Will this comic about sci-fi rescue mission be another hit?

Jeremy Haun writes 40 Seconds #1. Credit: ComiXology Originals
Jeremy Haun writes 40 Seconds #1. Credit: ComiXology Originals

Jeremy Haun's writing in 40 Seconds is some of the most realistic sci-fi writing in recent comics. So many comics with in-depth sci-fi systems bend over backwards to overload the reader with information as if to prove that their science is good. That, however, doesn't make a good story. Haun avoids all those problems by keeping the tech talk simple, telling readers next to nothing about it, and showcasing visual technology that feels like a glimpse into the distant future while also feeling creative and original. This isn't spacecraft-inspired galactic travel; it's something completely different, which is refreshing to see. The cast so far is interesting, though we don't get to know very much about them except for one character, which led to one quibble. If the ending is what it seems to be, it felt telegraphed simply by which character got the most development compared to one who noticeably didn't. Still, it's a welcome bait-and-switch that, even if readers could see it coming around the issue's halfway mark.

The art shines in 40 Seconds, with artist Christopher Mitten's light touch and colorist Brett Weldele's stunning, unique, watercolor pastel palettes showcasing exactly how unique Jeremy Haun's sci-fi world building is. The planet the team arrives on first is especially beautiful, as is the "gates" the team walks through. 40 Seconds #1 is beautiful from start to finish, the art working perfectly with Haun's writing to elevate what could have been a standard sci-fi rescue mission in the hands of another creative team to a beautiful, realistic journey painted in the colors of a sunset.

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