A Darkness In The Light: Luna #2

In this issue of Luna, the cracks appear in The Family Of The Sun. If everything looked good after a night of decadent, blissed-out fun, Luna #2 is the literal and figurative morning after. The blood play of issue #1 turns out to have disastrous consequences (if the main character Luna doesn't get her new sexual partner's [Lux] blood regularly, she'll go through withdrawal). The Family Of The Sun isn't as unified as they at first seemed, and there are some pretty serious fractures going on in the family.

A Darkness In The Light: Luna #2
Luna #2 cover by Maria Llovet, via Boom! Studios

Maria Llovet writes, draws, colors, and letters Luna, which gives the comic a handmade feel because, well, it was. There's a Lynch-ian inevitability to her story as if it could only ever go one way, and that way is bad. Of course, The Family Of The Sun is a cult. Of course, they've got a nasty secret involving chains.

And the chains aren't merely to say Llovet is aware of BDSM, either. The chains can be a metaphor for the weight of the bonds we make between people or the human-made shackles to restrain someone or something.

Sometimes, the metaphor can be a little too on the nose, as Llovet draws a bowl of apparently poisoned blueberries particularly well. (i.e., The poisoned fruit offered by the Family Of The Sun, whether it's the camaraderie or the sex.)

It continues to surprise me that Boom Studios publishes a comic with Luna's mature content. Maybe it's a failure of my imagination. Either way, this series is easily one of Boom's best and a credit to the editorial team that brought it over from Europe or licensed Luna.

After a night with the Family of the Sun, Teresa begins to discover the shocking truth behind the seemingly normal hippie cult and their leader Lux. The dark secrets of Teresa's visions collide with divine revelations – and send her on a path she never expected.

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