Amazing Spider-Man #63 Not the Worst Thing About New York Politics

When you look at the happenings of a Spider-Man comic where Kingpin is the mayor of New York City and he cuts a deal with Baron Mordo to manipulate the demonic reincarnation of Harry Osborn, and you think, "damn, that seems way better than an alleged sexual harasser in the governor's office negotiating a multi-million dollar book deal about how well he handled the coronavirus pandemic while lying about nursing home deaths," you know the real world is pretty damn messed up. But that's what we got out of this preview of Amazing Spider-Man #63 released by Marvel Comics. Give it a look yourself.

(W) Nick Spencer (A) Federico Vicentini (CA) Mark Bagley
• We all the know the romantic story of R&J! Star-crossed lovers, deep-seeded family enmity, tragic ending…
• Wait, who are Romeo and Juliet? We're talking about Randy and Janice! Yep, Peter Parker's roommate and The Beetle have been dating and that information finally gets out to their fathers…
• The Tombstone/Robbie Robertson beef has been brewing since 1988 and is back, big time!
Rated T+
In Shops: Apr 07, 2021
SRP: $4.99

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