Anarchy in the Marvel Universe in Immortal Hulk #28 [Preview]

The Immortal Hulk #28 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Al Ewing, Tom Reilly, and Matias Bergas, as the world reels from the affects of the Hulk's assault on capitalism last issue.

Immortal Hulk #28 [Preview]

But while the big green Bernie Sanders' actions might seem the only reasonable option in the face of capitalism run rampant, for others, the Hulk is drastically changing the American way of life.

Immortal Hulk #28 [Preview]

It's certainly doing that for Dario Agger, if nothing else.

Immortal Hulk #28 [Preview]

But it also ties into the generational divide affecting regular, working class families.

Immortal Hulk #28 [Preview]

Thankfully, there's always the thinly-veiled analogue, Roxx News, to provide comfort for worried Boomers… and to whip them into a counter-frenzy.

Immortal Hulk #28 [Preview]

This storyline isn't going to end well, is it? Immortal Hulk #28 hits stores on Wednesday.

(W) Al Ewing (A) Tom Reilly, Matias Bergas (CA) Alex Ross
• Are your children normal? Are they respectful of you and other approved authority figures? Do they have a poster of the Punisher on their wall?
• Or are they angry and discourteous? Do they embrace difficult and/or dangerous concepts, such as protest and the environment? Do they stand with the Hulk?
• Ask yourself: Are your children normal… or have they joined the TEEN BRIGADE?
Rated T+
In Shops: Dec 11, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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