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Swamp Thing Tries To Take Immortal Hulk's Clothes Back

Of late, Marvel's Immortal Hulk has been described as their version of Alan Moore, Steve Bissette, Rick Veitch and John Totleben's Swamp Thing Creating a horror comic with storylines ripped from the headlines and an overall environmental theme, as well as exploring power structures, activist movements, economic theory, a lot of body horror and what[...]

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A New Transformation for Immortal Hulk #33 – Or Is It? (Spoilers)

Immortal Hulk #33 by Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Nick Pittarra and Paul Mounts goes back inside the Hulk, dealing with the world invasion by Xemnu and a very specific internal invasion of the Hulk, to celebrate what would have been Incredible Hulk issue #750 if it hadn't kept relaunching But, as ever, Hulk will out[...]

Immortal Hulk #32 [Preview]

Could Xenmu Steal the Democratic Nomination in Immortal Hulk #32 [Preview]

Immortal Hulk #32 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Al Ewing and Joe Bennett, the series that stubbornly, against all odds, keeps refusing to relaunch! We've got a preview below.Xenmu is here on Earth, and despite a lot of very obvious flaws, the people of the world seem to be inexplicably enamored[...]

Marvel Plans to Make Readers Vomit with Immortal Hulk #33

Marvel Plans to Make Readers Vomit with Immortal Hulk #33

Immortal Hulk #33 is hitting stores on March 25th, and while it will be the 750th issue of Hulk in terms of legacy numbering, it's another milestone that caught our ear at the Next Big Thing panel at C2E2 Bleeding Cool Ace Reporter and shoe-in for next year's journalism Eisner David Pierce was on hand[...]

Marvel Comics Solicitations for May 2020

A "Happy Ending" for The Immortal Hulk in May? Or an Even Happier Relaunch?

This May, it looks like The Hulk could receive a "happy ending," at least according to the solicit text for Immortal Hulk #35 revealed in Marvel's full May 2020 solicitations Wait, when did this book become a Marvel MAX series?Oh, sorry, it's not that kind of happy ending. IMMORTAL HULK #35 AL EWING (W) • MIKE HAWTHORNE[...]

Immortal Hulk: Great Power #1

First Appearance of The Amazing Sphulker-Man in Immortal Hulk: Great Power #1 [Preview]

From Marvel Comics next week, Tom Taylor and Jorge Molina bring you the crossover you've been waiting for: The Immortal Hulk: Great Power #1, five dollars cheap!With great power, there must also come great responsibility And with the need to constantly boost sales, there must also come extraneous crossovers.And that's how we find Bruce Banner[...]

Immortal Hulk #29 [Preview]

Immortal Hulk #29 Addresses Journalistic Integrity [Preview]

The Immortal Hulk #29 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, from Al Ewing and Joe Bennett, and we've got a preview below which touches on a subject near and dear to our hearts here at Bleeding Cool: Journalistic Integrity.As members of the comic book media, at Bleeding Cool, we strive to meet strict[...]

Marvel Comics Full March 2020 Solicitations

Something is Wrong with Marvel's Immortal Hulk Solicits for March

It looks like either Roxxon has taken over the solicits for Immortal Hulk in March, or else Marvel is about to embark on their biggest trademark battle yet The solicit for Immortal Hulk #32 in March has a trademark slapped on everything Xemnu Earth Incredible Hulk You Robert Banner "The Strangest Man of All Time." IMMORTAL[...]

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The Immortal Hulk Celebrates 750 Issues at Marvel in March

It feels like it was just a few issues ago that Immortal Hulk reached a landmark, game-changing issue That's probably because it was just a few issues ago that the series published an oversized and overpriced Immortal Hulk #25 But today, Marvel has revealed the next big milestone for Immortal Hulk.. Immortal Hulk #33 Wait,[...]

Immortal Hulk #28 [Preview]

Anarchy in the Marvel Universe in Immortal Hulk #28 [Preview]

The Immortal Hulk #28 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Al Ewing, Tom Reilly, and Matias Bergas, as the world reels from the affects of the Hulk's assault on capitalism last issue.But while the big green Bernie Sanders' actions might seem the only reasonable option in the face of capitalism run rampant,[...]

Second Printings for Morbius, Heartbeat, Bernie Sanders and More

We mentioned a second printing of X-Men #2 with a cover by Leinil Yu coming from Marvel Comics, they have added a few more for this week.The big Thor/Carol Danvers fight in Captain Marvel #12, Dawn Of X issues Excalibur #2 and Marauders #2 get second printings, as doe the big Immortal Hulk #27 assault[...]

The Immortal Hulk Replaced in February by... The Living Hulk?

The Immortal Hulk Replaced in February by… the Living Hulk?

It actually begins in January, with Immortal Hulk #30, which teases a Hulk before the Hulk we know, upset that the Hulk stole his name, and coming back to reclaim it. IMMORTAL HULK #30 AL EWING (W) • JOE BENNETT (A) • Cover by ALEX ROSS MARVELS X VARIANT COVER BY NICK BRADSHAW • The first Gamma Bomb unleashed[...]

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Activist Hulk Takes Down Toxic Capitalism in Immortal Hulk #27 (Spoilers)

Immortal Hulk #26 established the series, if there was any doubt, as Marvel's activist comic book, a blatantly anti-capitalist agenda as laid down by the series protagonists, Bruce Banner and the Hulk Immortal Hulk #27 tells its story from three perspectives, from that of the Hulk, that of Dario Agger, minotaur CEO of Roxxon, the[...]

In Memory of Erik Bennett, Son of Joe Bennett

In Memory of Erik Bennett, Son of Joe Bennett

In today's Immortal Hulk comic book, the letters page at the back begins with an image by the series artist Joe Bennett A few weeks ago he and his wife lost their young son, Erik Bennett Bleeding Cool reprints the note from Marvel editorial, as well as the artwork Joe used to tell his readers[...]