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Mindless Speculation: Jacqueline McGee In Immortal Hulk (Spoilers)
Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. Immortal Hulk by Al Ewing and Joe Bennett LITG: The ten most-read stories, yesterday Joe Bennett Replaced By Greg Land On Timeless, Dropped By Marvel Zachary Levi Talks Marvel Death in Thor: Ragnarok Mark Waid/Bryan Hitch/Kevin Nowlan Black Label Superman From DC Comics Jonathan Hickman/Declan Shalvey Launch X-Men Unlimited Weekly Today DC Planned[...]
Al Ewing Says He Will Not Work With Joe Bennett Again After Immortal Hulk #50
That now includes Al Ewing, writer on the five-year run on Immortal Hulk that Joe Bennett has drawn, which is to conclude next month in Immortal Hulk #50 As well as writing extensively for Marvel Comics in recent years, Al Ewing is well known for his work on 2000AD and his new creator-owned series We[...]
Al Ewing, Sise-Negging The Defenders Back To Reality's Sixth Iteration
That Galactus' reality was the sixth. Immortal Hulk And in Immortal Hulk showed a Hulk possessed by The One Below All taking the place of Franklin Richards and becoming the ultimate Destroyer Of All World in the Ninth iteration It's his thing And likely to conclude in Immortal Hulk #50 in October. And with The Defenders #1 launching[...]
One Last Immortal Hulk Marvel Continuity Dive With The Fantastic Four
Immortal Hulk semi-spoiler time! It must have been handy for Al Ewing, writing Empyre with Dan Slott, and able to pick up on where Fantastic Four was heading, able to slot it right in to his penultimate issue of Immortal Hulk with Joe Bennett But in Immortal Hulk #49 he also adds it to a[...]
Cover image for IMMORTAL HULK #49
Immortal Hulk continues to careen toward a number one issue relaunch in this preview of Immortal Hulk #49, in stores on Wednesday, August 4th from Marvel Comics And when you know the end is near, you can sometimes kind of give up, right? Maybe that's why Al Ewing and Joe Bennett have just decided to[...]
Two months ago, Bleeding Cool ran Alex Ross's cover for Immortal Hulk #50, the finale of Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, and Paul Mounts' four year-plus epic run on the Marvel Comics series that has redefined the character for a generation, critically acclaiming as well as revitalising sales of the green and grey behemoth And now Marvel has[...]
Cover image for IMMORTAL HULK #48
Immortal Hulk #48 is in stores Wednesday from Marvel Comics, and in this preview, we find the titular Hulk enjoying some post-coital bliss with Betty Banner, The Red Harpy Hulk is feeling a little self-conscious about being Betty's second choice behind Bruce Banner, but as Betty explains, The Hulk is far more sensitive a lover[...]
Cover image for IMMORTAL HULK #47
Immortal Hulk #47 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, and the puny Avengers are harassing the titular Hulk in this preview, like the insignificant gnats they are Will Hulk smash these puny humans? He's already gotten a good start on Blade, though Black Panther is proving to be far more aggravating Check out[...]
And Now An Alex Ross Look At The Penultimate Immortal Hulk #49
Earlier today, Bleeding Cool showed off the cover to The Immortal Hulk #50 by Alex Ross, the series finale, being published in September 2021 But we totally forgot about showing off his cover to The Immortal Hulk #49 as well, by Al Ewing and Joe Bennett, to be published on the 4th of August. This year[...]
Take A Look At Alex Ross's Cover To Immortal Hulk #50 Finale
The Immortal Hulk by Al Ewing and Joe Bennett comes to the end of its four year-plus run with an #50 end cap The story will continue in a different way in Gamma Flight, written by Crystal Fraser and Al Ewing and drawn by Lan Medina But for this extraordinary modern-day horror-superhero comic, set deep[...]
You thought you knew everything about the origins of the Immortal Hulk! But if you did know everything, what reason would Marvel have to sell you five-dollar one-shots about? Did you ever think of that, mister smartypants? Well, luckily, Marvel always has your best interests in mind which is why Immortal Hulk Time of Monsters[...]
Cover image for IMMORTAL HULK #46
But nothing could have possibly prepared The Hulk for where he is in this preview of Immortal Hulk #46 That's right, The Hulk has woken up from being temporarily dead in the most miserable place on Earth: New Jersey! And he's understandably really pissed off about it He just escaped hell and ended up someplace[...]
Marvel Comics July 2021 Solicitations
Someone likes silhouettes… Cover Silhouette Mystery in Marvel Comics' Gamma Flight #2 GAMMA FLIGHT #2 (OF 5) AL EWING & CRYSTAL FRASIER (W) • LAN MEDINA (A) • Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU Connecting Variant Cover by CARLOS PACHECO Variant Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG THE BIGGEST REVEAL OF THE SUMMER! Who is after Gamma Flight? You've been calling for them since IMMORTAL[...]
Kevin Nowlan Helps Out On The Immortal Hulk in May
Immortal Hulk: Time Of Monsters #1 was solicited from Marvel Comics as being written by Al Ewing, Alex Paknadel, and David Vaughan And as being drawn by Juan Ferreyra & more We now know that "more" is the legendary Kevin Nowlan, who will be drawing David Vaughan's story. Kevin Nowlan first came to the industry's attention in the[...]
Al Ewing, Crystal Frasier, Lan Medina Launch Gamma Flight From Marvel
Marvel Comics is spinning a new comic book series, Gamma Flight, out of the current Immortal Hulk series, which is nearing its conclusion And instead, we will get a new super-team made up of Bruce Banner's allies, friends, and enemies Drawn by Lan Medina, the new series will be co-written by Al Ewing and Crystal[...]