Aquaman Comic to Be Momoa-ized With the Coming of Kelly Sue DeConnick and Robson Rocha?

We mentioned that Kelly Sue DeConnick and Robson Rocha were coming onto Aquaman in December. So what do they have planned?

Well, the word out of San Diego Comic-Con is that from the off, Aquaman is about to look a lot more like how he will be appearing in the upcoming movie, also out in December. Starring Jason Momoa.

That Kelly Sue and Robson will be "Momoa-izing" Aquaman – though no word yet if that includes the tattoos. And that his contact with Sea Gods will alter his look, his personality and even his origin. And possibly whether or not he is married.

The word "sexy" was used to describe their take on the character, but some aspects are up in the air. They have yet to settle on one of Rocha's designs as the one they'll go with.

Whether that's permanent will be down to DC (and the performance of the movie). They can wipe it all away by reversing the mystic stuff in the storyline… if they have to.

That's the San Diego Aquaman goss at least… can I find a relevant equivalent for a Lying In The Gutters yellow traffic light?

That'll do.

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