The Resistance


AWA Studios Launches Digital Version of Comics With WEBTOON

The inaugural title is The Resistance, the company’s flagship title by J Michael Straczynski and Mike Deodato Jr The comic will be available to read on the publisher’s website and on WEBTOON and Tapas.AWA are converting their comics into a vertical reading format to make it easy to read on computers, tablets and phones[...]

AWA Studios Launches Retailer Incentives Ahead of 2020 Launch

AWA Studios Launches Retailer Incentives Ahead of 2020 Launch

The company wlll start with four inaugural titles in March 2020.In preparation for the launch, the company is launching The AWA Retailer Council, an initiative to give comics retailers incentives to order their books.The AWA Retailer Council was created to foster a community of retailers to help advise on publishing decisions in exchange for financial incentives[...]

Sledgehammer Games Reveals Details About Call Of Duty: WWII's Next DLC

The five-minute videos chats with the devs about The Resistance, which will focus on the actual resistance who fought against Germany behind enemy lines, sabotaging their efforts in France while the Allied Forces made their way in from the west Think of it like Inglourious Basterds, only with half the fiction Enjoy the clip! Sledgehammer[...]

Was Signing Up For The Smuggler's Bounty Box Worth It?

The answer is yes, a thousand times yes. The obvious plus is I knew that I would at least be excited about the subject matter of the box. This is a targeted subscription box. You know you're going to be getting Star Wars merchandise, so the chances of being disappointed are slim. In the past I've subscribed […]

More Free ComiXology Comics – And A Hundred For Ten Bucks

1: The Resistance Department O #1 Fatherhood #1 H.G Wells' The Chronic Argonauts 51 Serif St Vol 1: The Breaking Bikini Cowboy Vol 1 Minor Acts of Heroism #1 The Black Well Bob and His Beer The Sire #1 Muktuk Wolfsbreath, Hard Boiled Shaman: The Spirit of Boo Dust: Withered Earth The Chairs' Hiatus Fighting Stranger: Chapter One Who Needs the Moon #1 Combat Jacks #1 Twilight Monk Vol[...]

Meet the Mayor: The Life and Times of Jimmy Palmiotti Part II

I decided, “Let’s do something and see how it works.”Together, Palmiotti and Gray created the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk series The Resistance and the eerie noir thriller 21Down, both for DC’s newly acquired Wildstorm imprint In 2004, they created The Monolith, an emotional revenge story, and began their wonderful Hawkman run, where I first discovered their work[...]