Batman Damned Killed The Frank Miller Batman: Sin City Crossover?

With the launch of Frank Miller Presents, editor-in-chief and former DC Comiss publisheer  Dan DiDio talked to the podcasts The Marvelists and said lots of things. That's generally what happens when you put a microphone or, you know, just an ear in front of Dan DiDio, he talks. And we are always glad of it.

That included abandoned plans for a Batman/Sin City crossover by Frank Miller because, at the time, DC Comics wouldn't put Batman in anything that would have had the equivalent of an R rating on it. He stated "We had talked about doing a Marv/Batman crossover once, but at that point we weren't going to do any R-rated Batman material, and there was no way to do Sin City without without putting an R on a book, so to speak." You know, like Dark Knight Returns.

Batman Damned Killed The Frank Miller Batman: Sin City Crossover?

We know that period. That was the fallout of the Batman: Damned project by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo that made international headlines including a spot on The Last Show With Stephen Colbert, when the comic portrayed a naked Bruce Wayne. A story first reported – amd then revealed by Bleeding Cool. The publication, and embarassment it caused DC Comics to put the kibosh on a number of projects, and editorial told to remove anything that might cause an unfortunete headline. Some books were bowlderised, others like Second Coming were dropped completely. And it seems that one of the victims may have been a Sin City/Batman crossover with Frank Miller.

Dan DiDio also revealed that Frank Miller had written two unpublished scripts to his unfinished comic with Jim Lee, All-Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder. issues eleven and twelve but Jim Lee never had the schedule to draw them, partly down to the move from New York to Burbank. The scripts however still exist with DC Comics. Dan DiDio stated "I think I could say this for the first time, I have scripts 11 and 12, we just never got to them, because we moved somewhere else, because there was so much else going on at the time. But yeah, we wanted to do it."

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