Batman Must Rescue Man-Bat in This Preview of Man-Bat #4 [Preview]

Man-Bat has gotten himself in to quite the jam in this preview of Man-Bat #4. Kidnapped by the Scarecrow, he's being forced to live out his greatest fantasy, enjoying a blissful, normal life with his wife… wait a minute… that doesn't sound so bad, actually. But Batman is on his way, coming to the rescue, this preview shows! No, Batman! Wait! What if they're both happy like this? So what if they need the Scarecrow's fear gas to make it work! A lot of people need a little pick me up to get through the day. Dammit, Batman! Why can't you let anyone be happy?!

See Batman ruin Man-Bat's life when Man-Bat #4 hits stores on Tuesday, and enjoy the preview o the issue below.

MAN-BAT #4 (OF 5)
DC Comics
(W) Dave Wielgosz (A) Sumit Kumar (CA) Kyle Hotz
It's Batman versus Man-Bat round two! After a disastrous encounter with the Suicide Squad, a therapy session with Harley Quinn and (yet another) failed attempt to cure himself, Langston has been located at last by the Dark Knight! The only problem? Scarecrow got there first! What does the master of fear plan to do with a serum that literally creates monsters? We'll give you one guess…
In Shops: 2021-05-04
SRP: $3.99

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