DC Shocker: Bendis Read Superman Back Issues in Preparation for Job

Superstar writer "The Great One" Brian Michael Bendis will shortly not-a-reboot Superman's continuity with the weekly Man of Steel mini-series launching on May 30th and leading into Bendis's run as the writer of both Superman and Action Comics. But for DC fans panicked that Bendis will tear Superman's continuity in half like a rampaging She-Hulk before you can say the words "…the hell?!", Bendis has been working overtime to assure you that he respects Superman's continuity and doesn't plan to toss it all out the window, instead adding to the existing tapestry with his own creations.

From an interview with Syfy Wire:

I know people were worried about it, but I tell them that you don't have to worry, we're not throwing everything outWe're writing Superman stories that take place in the modern day. They're going to be dangerous and exciting, and they're going to be in continuity.

So not only will Bendis not be rebooting Superman, nor killing off Lois Lane in the most gruesome way possible, but it seems he's also done a lot of reading of Superman back issues to prepare for his new gig:

It's an intense amount of material, not unlike when you take over the X-Men. You've got a lot to read; no matter how much you think you've read, you've got a lot more to read when you take into account mini-series, specials, else worlds, etc. I made a list of things I hoped to accomplish, such as more supporting cast, villains, things that compared to his peers, he doesn't have as much of. Superman has great villains, but compared to Batman or Spider-Man, about a third as many. I had a similar frustration writing Iron Man, where there were all of these great villains, but he could use a bunch more, right?

Of course, this represents a change from Bendis's strategy when taking over Guardians of the Galaxy in 2013, as Bendis famously admitted:


Thankfully, The Great One is apparently taking a different approach to Superman, which is sure to calm DC's worried fans. Right?

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