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Bendis Says Punisher: End of Days is Canceled, Compares His Work to Alan Moore's

Superstar writer "The Great One" Brian Bendis will soon be leaving his longtime home at Marvel Comics and heading to rival DC Comics to write a Superman comic with Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, according to Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston. But what about previously planned Marvel projects like Punisher: End of Days, which Bendis most recently said he was still doing back in June? Bendis took to his Tumblr page to reveal that the project has been cancelled, though he'd be okay if they revived it under the guidance of David Mack.

Nothing came of it because the creators involved like myself, David Mack, Klaus Jansen or Bill S. are very busy or had moved on to other companies and we never could really find the right window or the right creators to get it going again.

If Marvel decides to continue the project with David and others I completely support that decision. David had done a lot more groundwork on it and I had. I hope they pursue it… if it fits their editorial plans

You can tell "The Great One" is being serious above because he has used mostly proper capitalization and punctuation in his sentences. Next, he went on to note that there are more projects he had planned at Marvel which we didn't know about which are also canceled as well, and even compared himself to legendary comics wizard Alan Moore by referencing the DC project Moore had proposed before leaving that company:

But, yes, now that I have signed a long-term exclusive with DC comics this project, and some others that you may never have heard of, will be going the way of twilight of the superheroes :-)

but the good news is in replace of those are more than a handful of projects far more exciting to me personally. We haven't even begun to describe to you the shape of the things I'm going to be doing a DC and I think a lot of you are going to be pleasantly surprised.

'crazy ambitious' is words people keep using :-)

Superman Disassembled, anyone?

Bendis Says Punisher: End of Days is Canceled, Compares His Work to Alan Moore's


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