Bone Parish #2 Review: Monotonous and Slow

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The police find Dante OD'd on the Ash, and a detective named Mayhew gives warning to Grace. Brae doesn't believe his mother should be running the business, but Grace holds firm. Leon and Brigitte have an uncomfortable meet-up while Brigitte is making Ash. Lamont from New York meets up with Grace again.

Bone Parish #2 cover by Lee Garbett
Bone Parish #2 cover by Lee Garbett

Bone Parish #2 has some improvements over the first issue. We're meeting the characters more, and there is a better structure to the story. It still hits a lot of the beats that you can find in many crime family stories, but it bolsters those with interesting power dynamics and familial struggles.

That said, I'm still not sure if it's genuinely good or not.

It is a very slow boil still. Little of note happens. The first issue ended with Dante having that violent reaction to the Ash. This one has a character using the Ash, and I think you're supposed to assume it's the Cartel because Mayhew mentioned them a scene or two back.

The book needs something to give it an extra kick, and it's just not there. The characters have decent personalities and relationships, but it's not enough to hold the book together, especially when we are still bouncing between half a dozen people who are stern and solemn most of the time.

Bone Parish #2 art by Jonas Scharf and Alex Guimaraes
Bone Parish #2 art by Jonas Scharf and Alex Guimaraes

On the bright side, Jonas Scharf and Alex Guimaraes still do a solid job on the visuals. The world well detailed and gritty. It feels haunted and foreboding. The characters are easily distinguishable visually. The color work is still a little too monotonous for its own good, but there is a bit of brighter color injected into some of the scenes of this issue as opposed to the previous book.

Bone Parish #2 is still just too boring. There are improvements over the first issue with this one, but the plot burns very slowly, doesn't have a change in tone or atmosphere to break up the dreariness, and the color work is similarly stuck on the one note. Unfortunately, I can't recommend this book.

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