Brian Bolland's Classic Wonder Woman Cover

It was 1992 and Wonder Woman was about to go through a change. George Perez had wrapped up the War of the Gods in issue #62 and with it his run as writer on the series. The baton was being passed to William Messner-Loebs and the mighty Amazon was living the island. The interior artist was staying the same, Jill Thompson, but the editorial control went from Karen Berger to Dan Thorsland and Brian Bolland was brought in as the cover artist. He would do 40 covers in all, carrying the character to issue #100 and through a costume change that many fans would like to forget. His run started with the cover below. A simple design, Diana in costume, holding her lasso and looking at the reader. Very little changed from the pencils to the inks. The most notable thing being the emphasis lines around her hands, showing how firmly she was gripping the lasso. It's subtle, but it changes the intensity of the piece. And then between the inks and the colors, another subtle change… her eyes move just slightly up. No longer looking directly at the reader, she is now looking at something bigger than her and she is itching to take it on.

If this cover was done today, it's likely they would've left off the, "Miss me?" comment and put in some digitally painted background. What makes this cover work is it's subtle beauty and intensity. They could've stripped away all of the dialogue on the cover, made her image larger and put the logo behind her head and the book would fly off the shelf.

This process art was posted this morning by Dexter Wee on his facebook page.

bolland1 bolland2 bolland3

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